Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the 18 month old maximus

oh my heck, maxson is 18 months old. definitely no baby, although i call him my baby all the time and tell him "no, babies can't do/play with that." he's such a character, so much personality, opinion, spunk, tenacity, and determination. and i proceed with the list of things i would like to remember about 18 month old maxson (the terrorist) cutler.

 photo IMG_2802copy_zpsd1ff47fa.jpg
words he says (that us parents can understand ;) : dada, mama, papa, ball (ba), shoes, teeth, cheese, no no, more, love you, choo choo, yeah, buh-bye, bubbles (bubu), thank you, baby. there's probably a few others but that's what i can remember for now

whenever he gets hurts (and it hurt enough to make him cry) he runs to us and then points at the object that hurt him be that the ground, a chair, a toy, a slide, etc. overall, he doesn't cry about getting hurt which is amazing i think, and when he does cry, it lasts less than 5 seconds usually
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the only gestures he does to us now are "all done" always waved frantically with much gusto, and when he's pooping he tells us. hoping that pooping gesture helps in the future.

he's intrigued by babies. i wouldn't say he loves them, but whenever he's around one he keeps coming back to them to point in their face and says bay-bay. comes back over and over again, points and runs away. hoping that intrigue mixed with distance will help in the future ha.

he thinks it's so fun to wipe himself. he gets a wipe out as often as he sees the pack and starts wiping himself, he loves it, and it's just funny to watch

loves cars, balls, and books so very much, and as of lately watching tall towers made of blocks fall down as he runs through them.
 photo IMG_2804_zps3fc42030.jpg
he runs fast. like super fast i think for an 18 month old, his arms are tight to his body, bent at the elbows, his knees drive diagonally forward and his hips twist with every movement but man oh man he is so fast. sometimes he leans a little forward too to get places faster and other times he kinda just run phoebe buffet style

he gives the best hugs and kisses whenever asked to, and sometime they just come out of the blue. he puts his little arms right around your neck and squeezes real hard for a few seconds. for kisses, he puckers his lips up and gives you big wet one freely, sometimes pulling your face in with his little chubby hands if your face isn't close enough for his liking. and in the past couple months he's added a great smacking sound affect to all his kisses, we love it.

he loves to eat mud, it's awful. there's this tiny area on the sidewalk outside our back door that always turns muddy and he's ALWAYS stuffing it in his mouth, urgh. he'll then spit (most/some) of it out but you know that some got in his tummy, it drives me bonkers.
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i've begun to give into the iPad/iphone. we've found a few games that i feel are really educational and are helping his learning progress. we love endless alphabet, lotto 1, happy baby, the children's primary songs, and a few of the fisher price apps that teach about shapes, colors, and animals. the first 2 i mentioned i've especially seen progress in his matching skills and he's realized things only have one match. i figure it's better than a tv of just zoning out

he loves doing actions to certain songs: monkeys swinging in the tree, popcorn popping, daddy's homecoming, monkeys on the bed

he's obsessed with animals. dogs and cats mostly. he just loves them to pieces. i really wish we had a dog because that would be hours of entertainment for him, hours.

he loves meat, especially steak and roast, ha. he guzzles that stuff it seems like.

very intrigued by small bugs on the sidewalk, always trying to pick them up.
 photo IMG_2813_zps5e3b6cd0.jpg
grabs you by the hand to show you what he wants from where.

he loves saying goodbye to people, anyone, anything. i think he may secretly love leaving things so he gets to tell things buh-bye and wave (his wave mimics that of a little pac man)

when singing songs to go to sleep, he must have everything that's in his crib in his arms: monkey and 2 blankets. when i go in to get him when he wakes up he gives me monkey and the 2 blankets first and then gets out. habits i guess

he's sleeping 11-12 hours at night with a 3 hour nap during the day. i swear he's sleeping longer now in a 24 hour period than the did that first year of babyhood, i don't get it...

34 in tall // 92%ile
28# 15 oz // 94%ile
19 1/4 in head // 75-90%ile

yep, we've got one big kid on our hands.


AN Petersen said...

ok, so this is random, but we love endless alphabet too. It has helped lizzy learn her letters and sounds and her matching skills are now amazing.
And your baby boy is so cute. I want one of his kisses and hugs. I love toddler hugs and kisses.

Melissa Phillips said...

18 month posts on the same day. Go us. Aren't they so fun. I love it!

Cherri said...

Well which dinosaur was the meat eater.... gotta find that one for his toy chest.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I love this post. Wish I could play with your "baby."