Sunday, June 15, 2014

a happy father's day!

happy father's day to my main squeeze.
to the father of my child(ren).
people keep saying ill be a great mother of all these boys, no no no no.
casey will be the much better father to all these boys.
dang that guy is so much fun.
he's everything i imagined in a husband and father.

today he was supposed to be driving back from indiana all day, he completely surprised me by leaving early early in the morning and arriving in the afternoon instead of the late evening, sweetest gesture ever.
 photo IMG_2581copy_zps2cad12a3.jpg

and i can't forget my wonderful father, my forever knight in shining armor. i love him so dearly, and he returns that love a hundred fold. i'm so lucky to be his daughter!

and casey's dad too! man he's such a wonderful guy, i'm so blessed to have him as another father figure in my life!

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