Friday, June 13, 2014

bows or boys or both? // twin gender reveal party

with my pregnancy with maxson, we didn't really get to celebrate his announcement with anyone in person and casey wasn't even with me at the doctor when i found out the gender. so for the twins, i wanted to make it special and fun with family and friends involved. we ordered invitations from tinyprints and were obsessed with how they turned out. i saw this invitation on their site and figured it would work just good enough. BUT they had a designer who looked at my invites, saw i was having twins and customized it specially for me at no extra cost, i was beyond wowed with their service! definitely check them out my friends. having these little invites made the occasion just a tad bit more special, which i so loved!
 photo IMG_2736_zps53524c8e.jpg
the dessert table.
mustaches and bows a plenty.
 photo IMG_2724_zps0acdbe32.jpg
 photo IMG_2731copy_zps36c5c455.jpg
 photo IMG_2742copy_zps773e60c3.jpg
 photo IMG_2728_zpse4c63b84.jpg
the children were so happy when i said the dessert table was now up for grabs, ha.
 photo IMG_2738_zps8968cea1.jpg
pre-gender reveal, so nervous and excited!
me at 16 weeks
also like i mentioned, maxson was beyond happy with the amount of cookies he sneaked.
 photo IMG_2723copy_zps68189d1a.jpg
trying to get everyone on for FaceTime.
 photo IMG_2750_zpsb7a4f792.jpg
and here was the long awaited gender reveal!
i really was so nervous but so excited.
top right is finding out there's one boy and, i believe, second row to the bottom on the left is finding out there's a second boy. the picture just to the right of finding out there's a second boy is casey asking me "how did you know" and i at the same time saying "i was right, i knew it!"
i also love seeing  a few of our friends in the background
^^you see our friend katie just over casey's arm? she's the one who made my vision of the balloon popping all come together, she's a gem of a friend and i LOVE that she's in the background of these pictures with such excitement for us, it's seriously so sweet.

here was what our friend set up for us: she put different colors in balloons, and we threw darts at the canvas to pop them, it was so fun and very thrilling
 photo IMG_2766copy_zps60df2552.jpg
fyi, since it was 2 boys it was blue and green,
2 girls would have been pink and purple,
and 1 of each would have been some combo of a boy color and a girl color
 photo IMG_2776copy_zpsb536d88f.jpg
the canvas actually looks so pretty and i'm stoked to put it in the children's room
 photo IMG_2779_zps71157980.jpg
here's our sweet friend katie. funny story, as she was pinning the balloons to the canvas, one popped ALL OVER her, with a white shirt on, ha. she ran away in a rush and called casey on the phone to tell him we could throw the darts. she did end up covering up with a sweatshirt so she could see all the excitement from far away.
and i loved maxson's paint splattered face.
 photo IMG_2783copy_zpsb7f2fd83.jpg
and thus we see, 2 more mustaches to add
 photo IMG_2793_zpse81e9e15.jpg

fyi- if you are ever going to do balloon paint-popping for a gender reveal here's some tips katie did. 
1. she put different amounts of water in with each balloon so the consistencies of the running paint would be different on the canvas.
2. she put glitter in some of them
3. she used a funnel to help with the mess of putting the paint in the balloons and then blowing them up
4. there were different sized balloons: think regular sized balloons and water balloon sized balloons.

ps- as i'm writing this post, it's the first time i can see the movement on my stomach of the babies, the boys! so exciting, at just 17 weeks!


Shane and Clara said...

What FUN! What a fun way to reveal the babies!

The Blackwelders said...

I had never seen that idea before. So cute!! Congratulations again!!!!!! Thanks for posting so much about your thoughts and worries and things. With Taylor and I doing fertility treatments every time we want to have a baby, there is a good chance we might have twins one day. So I find all your posts so interesting!

Jared + Carly Reid said...

this is so so so fun kimber!!

lex said...

this is such a cute party idea! i didn't have a gender reveal with my first and I so want to the next time around!! xo

Cherri said...

Thanks so much for including us on the facetime you two (watched it sitting at Home Depot) was like we were there! ..... thank you Modern technology!