Monday, September 30, 2013

going on a bear hunt, in a corn field...

so last weekend we went camping with friends and had a splendid old time. it was quite the different adventure than what our last camping trip was like. my cute friend was the master mind behind it all. we drove just beyond the city limits and after passing corn field after corn field, we arrived at our camp site. we pitched tents, everyone cooked their different dinners over the fire and let the children run wild. in my case children running wild really meant making sure maxson didn't crawl near the fire. after dinner was settled we devoured tons of smores and tons of delicious cobbler. those of us who stayed the night put the kids to bed in the tents and sat around the campfire until late in the evening laughing at favorite movies, high school memories, dating stories, and funny things kids do. it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
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the weather was fantastic all evening and then at night time it took a u-turn. thunder, lightning, rain, rain and more rain. luckily we stayed mostly dry and completely warm. maxson did great snuggling with us half the night and pretty much nursed whenever he made a peep so as not to wake up the camp. probably his most favorite night ever. however he did wake up at around 5:30 and think "hey! let's get up and play!" we both laughed it off and i think he finally fell asleep around 6:15 or so.
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in the morning we stood around the campfire, warmed up our egg burritos and made a little hot chocolate
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yay for camping at least once this year!

if we're to go again we either need a bigger tent or we can't sleep on an air mattress in order to save room for a pack n play.
we shall see :)

and like last time, a few points not to be forgotten:

-casey still had to get up in the middle of the night to the cold rain, haha
-neither of us slept from about 3:30-6 though we were laughing together most of the time, such a funny night.
-in the beginning casey said we were just sleeping on the ground, i insisted we bring the air mattress. in the end we both got our wishes. although we had an air mattress it's next to worthless and deflates during the night so casey end up practically sleeping on the ground all night, heh heh.


Cherri said...

LOL ... I believe the air mattress was created by the dark side with the intention of deflating.

Suzanne and Nate said...

Looks like so much fun!