Monday, September 2, 2013

the plague of the bike thief

the bike thieving continues.
and we are not very happy about it


when we got home from our summer vacation, casey's bike was stolen.
i was angry and casey was sad but forgiving.
woe was our loss.

the next night, our neighbor's bike 2 houses down was stolen.
that was not cool.
we were shocked he'd do it again in the same neighborhood.

1 week later after that neighbor had gone and bought a new bike, he came home for a quick lunch, just put his bike at the bike rack (that he had moved next to his front door) and while washing the dishes 
talked to the guy, face to face.
he said he was just going to "borrow the bike a bring it back."
this was broad daylight, people, just 3 feet away from their back door with the window shades open.
who has the audacity!?!?!
then that night, the thief comes back and drops off the cut off lock from the guy's last stolen bike at his doorstep.
what does that even mean?

now 1 week later, we wake up to 2 more bikes being stolen: casey's other one and our neighbors.
that's 3 bikes from 1 bike rack in a matter of 2 weeks, 2 being ours.
and an addition 1 1/2 from our neighbor.

we are so mad and frustrated and irritated and annoyed and disgusted at this bike thief!
go away and just bring us back our bikes.
why does someone have to be so mean?
stop being a lazy mean person and go get a real job instead of stealing from others.

so so so so so mad right now.

luckily i take thousands of pictures and happened to find a couple that have those stolen bikes in the background to give the police more info on them.
(red bike and dark blue bike)
 photo ScreenShot2013-09-02at105901AM_zps0e35fedb.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-09-02at105801AM_zps89b9cf0e.png
moral of the story:
1. go take pictures of your bikes RIGHT NOW in case something happens to them.
2. go look at the bottom of you bike RIGHT NOW and write down the serial number of it, this helps the police tons
3. go buy a U-lock RIGHT NOW for your bike. the police say that your chances of your bike being stolen with one of these goes way way way way down because it's really difficult to get through them.
my bike was not stolen last night and i'm sure that's due to the U-lock we went out and bought for it this week.

fool me once shame on you.
fool me twice shame on me.

happy labor day to us :(


Cody and Camille said...

Mitts off the cute mint retro bike Mr. bike thief man! He has some nerve!!!!

Melissa said...

Your neighbor should have called the cops when he saw him! BOO!

Also, yes write the serial number down and call local pawn shops if it's stolen (or someone's is stolen) again. They can't sell stolen merchandise if they know about it. And I think, they run it against a list they get from the local police.

Sounds like a Tucson, AZ problem! Not Nebraska.

Brittany said...

we had a "facebook' friend (so we know of them but don't know too personally) that had their bike stolen. They literally saw the guy riding the stolen bike in town a few days later and chased him down and took pictures with their iphones for evidence. Then posted on FB for all to enjoy. They were yelling and chasing him so he finally just threw the bike and ran. Craziness. But funny. Sorry bikes being stolen. Thieves make my blood boil.