Saturday, September 7, 2013

more picturas de iFono

remember when we went to california?
yeah, ok let's do more of that trip :)
1. while at casey's reunion we went to a most wonderful local production of the wizard of oz, it was splendid and cold and we all loved it so much!
2. casey's licked through 1 whole huge jaw breaker. it was huge, people. it took him a couple weeks i think...eww. he was proud
3. the beautiful whitney holding maxson while we played croquet at my mom's cousin's house
4. that cousin has the COOLEST old school VW that he's restoring. so fun!
 photo Sep420132_zps36f38ac4.jpg
1. those sunglasses lasted .5 seconds
2. our time share view
3. saw a beach reserve that had tiny crabs running everywhere
3. my dad makes THE best hot chocolate. he's seriously killer at it. casey added the biggest marshmallow ever to it
 photo Sep420133_zpsb4a1e695.jpg
1. maxson and the papa
2. sand eating face
3. more sand eating face
4. cute boy cousins
 photo Sep42013_211_zpse7a1f52d.jpg
1.-4. IN-N-OUT with casey's family!!!!!!!!
this made us so happy :)
we love eating food with them cutlers
 photo Sep42013_29_zps35d4ce49.jpg
1. hands full of cuties
3. arizona was hotttttttt
4. really hotttttttttt
 photo Sep42013_212_zpsa268b8ac.jpg
1. when we stayed at the hotel in california with casey's family, we were in 1 huge room with 7 adults and 1 baby. maxson decided wake up time was 5:30, so we went into the hall and played for an hour and a half :/
2. our little forever family
3. cuddle cuddle
4. babies love granny
 photo Sep42013_210_zps0244b2ba.jpg
1. walking down to the beach
2. the beautiful beach, man i wish we could go back soon
3.-4. more bahama bucks. there was a new superman flavor we LOVED
 photo Sep420134_zpsf3084e50.jpg
1. got to get together with my cute friend erin from high school, I LOVE THAT GIRL!
2. airplane entertaining
3. casey's was THRILLED to be able to throw away all his anatomy notes from his first year of dental school, woot woot!
4. eating peaches
 photo Sep42013_214_zpsbb216620.jpg
1. costco free sample of yogurt = 1 happy baby
2. pool hoppin. meaning the pool was hoppin
3. new toyssssss!
4. found a bunch of tiny objects at my mom's house to make an i spy bag with
 photo Sep42013_213_zps48460344.jpg
1. just a school bus with flames on it on the side of someone's house in nebraska, no big deal
2. back in the land of green and corn for our walks
3. sometimes we juice things, sometimes we smoothie things
4. our group of softball friends during lunch break
 photo Sep42013_215_zps8ea0d207.jpg
1. a typical sunday in elder's quorum: 4 babies sitting and playing amidst each other
2. falling asleep after church
3. the actual dinner part of our back to school feast: spud burgers
4. nebraskan sunset
 photo Sep42013_216_zpsc9c85132.jpg
a typical day at home:
1. helping with laundry
2. climbing the stairs
3. eating
4. playing with toys
 photo Sep42013_217_zpse53a693b.jpg
1. first day of year 2 of dental school. maxson woke up oober early so we rode to school with casey and dropped him off remember his first day a year ago??? (that red and black bike behind him was the stolen one)
2. real dentist fun at school finally
3. the twinsies and maxson
4. the biggest nebraska flag ever randomly flying over a gas station
 photo Sep420135_zps938fd71f.jpg
1. & 2. splash pad with friends. maxson could not have cared less
3. german pancake breakfast (to lift our spirits after our bikes being stolen that morning)
4. out on a bike ride, he finally got a helmet! it's adjustable so it fits his head really well and will continue to fit perfectly as he grows
 photo Sep42013_218_zps2a8e4f35.jpg
1. the flowers are beginning to bloom again on the bike trail!
2. funny baby faces
3. baby and momma
4. getting stuck in the toys
 photo Sep42013_219_zpsc1c31b32.jpg
1. look at that shnazy boy
2. this boy is walking with the push toy!
3. & 4. 1st and 2nd year dental bbq at the lake. such a gorgeous setting!
 photo Sep42013_220_zpsca284d06.jpg

there you have it folks. a random up date of our life from the view of our phones


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