Monday, September 2, 2013

this and that of life

this little fishy at bath time.
he slips and slides all over the tub and loves it.
bonks his head all the time and doesn't blink an eye.
he's adorable.
 photo IMG_2835_zps762f449d.jpg
evidence of bath time with a baby
 photo IMG_2838_zps88f0ad12.jpg
back to school feast cake.
it was a hodge podge of recipes but was yummmmo!
 photo IMG_2806copy_zps423a5eea.jpg
the first fruits of our garden!
but our tomato plant is in the process of dying :(
 photo IMG_2739_zps7d728494.jpg
worked on remaking this laundry organizer beast.
ours had gone months falling apart until literally the only things holding it onto the poles were the corners of the two front sides.
i was proud of my work.
yay for my BYU sewing class
 photo Untitled-1copy_zps1d5b701d.jpg
maxson's first BYU football game!
he (and us) were less than impressed.
it's ok, we still love them cougars win or lose
 photo IMG_2855copy_zps07cc863e.jpg
 photo IMG_2868_zpsa0088386.jpg
feeding himself foooooooood!
and making messes.
 photo IMG_2845copy_zps55f087e8.jpg

i'm trying to catch up our life on the blog!
coming up 9 month pics, iFono picturas, and our time in arizona!

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Cody and Camille said...

love the byu family pic! So cute!