Friday, September 6, 2013

picturas de iFono

boy howdy do i have the iPhone picture update for you.
it's been close to a month and a half since i last downloaded them and goodness there's a lot.

here we go!

1.- 4. casey has been wanting to make/have the game cornhole for awhile now (a glorified adult game of bean bag toss). a friend from dental school/church, josh, is super handy when it comes to wood working. one day they got together and just made it! casey loves it so much, thanks josh!
 photo Sep42013_zps8aad5590.jpg
1. swinging with friends
2. cornhole playing in action
3. the weekend before school started a spontaneous group of friends ended up in our back yard talking and laughing the night away. it was one of those nights where you think to yourself "we are so blessed with great friends!"
4. church play time buddies
 photo Sep420131_zps83766fbe.jpg
1. a typical scene of our kitchen table: covered in casey's studying material with some food for maxson left on the table
2. baby and momma
3. baby and momma
4. usually when i peek in on maxson sleeping, he's squished into a corner, one time i found him across like this, so i took a picture
 photo Sep42013_2_zps2131e1bb.jpg
1. a typical scene in the kitchen: maxson at my feet while making food
2. casey and josh working on making corn hole
3. room playing. there was a point when he'd be standing up and a toy was on the floor, he wasn't confident in himslef to go down and get it so he'd just gaze longingly at it for awhile, ha
4. back from a bike ride
 photo Sep42013_21_zpsed9ecc3c.jpg
1. dishes done: shocking
2. waiting outside the gym room to demo a class for being a class instructor: nerve racking!
3. sometimes cereal for dinner just makes sense
4. early morning sleeping
 photo Sep42013_22_zps31c64d71.jpg
1. baby and momma
2. maxson asleep in casey's arms is one of my favorite sites
3. friends entertainging maxson during a church program
4. pool time with friends
 photo Sep42013_23_zpsbcba0200.jpg
1. baby and momma
2." toys who cares about toys? look at this door!!!"
3.- 4. smoothie time outside together
 photo Sep42013_24_zps9335ce31.jpg
1. typical scene from the day (we put up this mirror in the kitchen area and maxson constantly plays with it, it think it's a great learning object for him)
2. always getting into casey's dental school pile
3. more toying it up
4. sleeping baby on the plane, that squished little face!
 photo Sep42013_28_zps9b1750a0.jpg
1. cruising outside
2. &3.  under the table fun
4. more bike riding
 photo Sep42013_27_zps6cb6e0aa.jpg
1.- 3. pioneer day celebration with a few friends!
4. toysssss
 photo Sep42013_25_zpsac5c0590.jpg
1. casey's home teaching companion
2. baby and momma
3. $1 day at jimmy john's subs, a favorite of ours!
4. attack of the maxson
 photo Sep42013_26_zpse8c5424c.jpg

more to come tomorrow :)