Monday, September 16, 2013

thoughts on life lately

1. i used to sweep my kitchen area every once and awhile. ya know, when i started feeling a few things here and there under me feet or when something messy in the kitchen happened. but the truth was that our floor was just never really messy enough to sweep very often. cue maxson feeding himself at all meals. it feels and looks like a bomb field in our kitchen after every meal time. and this is only one child who is confined to a chair for mealtimes. ooy

2. i must be in denial of how big my child is getting. last week i picked up an outfit at a garage sale that was long sleeves and pants, size 18 months. from holding it up i guessed it would hopefully fit him sometime during the winter but that might be stretching it, it looked huge. wrong. it fits him today. why can't they stay small and when did he get so big???

3. fall arrived on sunday with her cool air, gusty wind, and rustling leaves. saturday i was wearing flip flops and shorts, sunday i woke up thinking i needed a sweater for church and maybe even breaking out the tights???. i do welcome fall with open arms but even more emotionally, i say goodbye to my favorite, easy going, fun friend: summer.

4. speaking of fall. we miss BYU. terribly. i don't think i documented the fun i had there enough. all things fall take me back to my memories of BYU and just make me want to be back there again, even for just a day. it's hard to pin point exactly all the memories, just the feelings. it was the first time in my life i truly experienced fall (most other states do have that advantage over AZ, i can't lie). The abrupt cool change in weather they call crispness in the air, changing leaves, BYU football, hot chocolate and doughnuts at so many events, parades, parties, a dusting of snow atop those huge mountain, the Y lit up  in all her glory, general conference, and SO many other little wonderful things i look back on. dear readers: if you are at BYU (or any other fun schooling stage in your life) DOCUMENT IT! you will be so happy you did!

5. having even an itty bitty garden is so rewarding. Our jalepeno plants are ROCKSTARS. we seriously have so many jalepenos, it's quite funny. our green/red pepper plant did ok. just a few small ones. and our tomato plant is finally kicking and producing even though it also looks like it's on the verge of dying. yesterday we made the cheapest chili's salsa ever: tomatoes from our friend's kick booty garden with a bunch of tiny jalepenos from our garden. it's so fun to walk outside your backdoor to get a few ingredients for a recipe.

6. last week i was asked to sub the youth sunday school class of the 12 & 13 year old's class. this week at church i was reminded that i said yes to this assignment and was completely unprepared for the class. did they know that? not a clue. 5 stars to kimber winging it. it was a great lesson.

here's to a great week! (and maxson going back to taking the binki. insert crying face.)


The Blackwelders said...

Kimber! I totally feel the same way about fall reminding me of BYU. I have been reminiscing a lot lately, especially about freshman year. It was the greatest, wasn't it? Miss ya!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I get sort of down every fall missing BYU too. It's a weird thing. I wish so badly we could just go back again. I'd do it in a heartbeat.