Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/12ths of a year

by warmly welcoming the month of october into our year we also say hello 10 month old maxson!
 photo IMG_3670_zpsa27e57dd.jpg
the phrase babies don't keep is unbelievably true.
i'll be calling him my baby until my next baby even though he's at the verge of his "baby" days.

he's a speedy fast crawler.
 photo IMG_3652copy_zps141bbe9f.jpg
loves getting into things:
nothing on the ground level is safe.
it's really fun watching him explore though and figure things out
 photo IMG_3700copy_zps22e8b541.jpg
he's a pretty vocal baby.
loud when he's happy.
and loud when he's not so happy.
it just makes us laugh.
my favorite is when he's really enjoying his food, he'll smack his lips together during every bite and in between every bite with a very audible "nom, nom, nom"
 photo IMG_3608copy_zps612e13c1.jpg
he's getting his balance under control so well and it's truly incredible to watch.
one day in september he finally just started balancing hands free!
he'll bounce up and down, catch his balance by wobbling back and forth and eventually fall abruptly or softly kneel down or lunge toward mom/dad.
such a cutie pie.
with that balance has come playing with toys on his knees, makes him seem so grown up i tell ya!
 photo IMG_3671_zpsd794b00e.jpg
always a great little eater.
he eats 3 meals a day along with nursing.
he eats pretty much whatever we're eating which is convenient.
i think his favorite thing right now is mandarin oranges.
he would probably eat a whole can if i let him.
 photo IMG_3586_zps72600f5c.jpg
in 1 month's time he popped 6 teeth through.
what a champ.
with those teeth coming through, he also decided the binki was not for him.
this was hard on everyone :(
i still haven't figured out a way to get him to go back to sleep if/when he wakes up in the middle of the night without nursing.
 photo IMG_3723copy_zpsd6f84f0b.jpg
other than binki problems he's a good sleeper.
2 naps a day, sometimes short sometimes long.
i will probably always ask for my children to sleep in longer in the morning, but maybe i should just go to bed earlier.
 photo IMG_3746copy_zps1a2234c8.jpg
he loves standing at the screen door opening to our front yard.
he stands there on his tippy toes, letting his eyes poke out and just watches the world.

his favorite objects include our phones.
he gets sooooo excited when he grabs ahold of one of our phones.
not completely sure why he loves it so much.
he facetimes on it but that's it.
maybe it's a sign we're on our phones too much...
 photo IMG_3604copy_zps1564e21a.jpg
he's become quite opinionated on objects in his possession that he really wants to play with.
not all things that get taken away are a big deal, but sometimes they are and his little mad, frustrated scream is and isn't so funny.

he's a super patient baby in the car, in the stroller, and in shopping carts.
i love getting to take him places with me.
 photo IMG_3666_zps6b0a841b.jpg
everything still goes straight in his mouth.
he's definitely understanding us more when we ask him to not put things in his mouth though.
 photo IMG_3593_zps11a410ae.jpg
he's wearing 12-18 month clothes and some 24 month clothes.
 photo IMG_3749_zpscefa37c6.jpg

mr maximus, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

ps- i'm still booking the mini sessions for this fall :)


Cherri said...

how can it be that you have TWO such photogenic men in your life.... or maybe its the great photographer.... both!

Cherri said...

how can it be that you have TWO such photogenic men in your life.... or maybe its the great photographer.... both!

Jared + Carly Reid said...

kimber he is so adorable! he looks just like both of you! i'll have you know i look at your blog and daydream about being a stay at home mom one day. i love your outlook on life!

Nicole said...

HE IS PRECIOUS! Seriously, these are beautiful pictures of Casey and Maxson. I can't believe how big he is, but he looks like he is just so much fun at this age. Maxson needs to stop getting so big because that means Stella is getting bigger and AAHHH it's too fast!!

I can't wait for Maxson and Stella to meet!!!

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

He is so his fathers son!! Cute!

Cailee Haskell said...

Love your pictures! I can't get used to seeing him with all of those teeth! He is so handsome!