Monday, September 9, 2013

that one time we were in arizona

a month later...
we swam everyday.
it was glorious.
played with family everyday.
vacationing is great.
i want my own pool now.
 photo IMG_2123_zpsef74387d.jpg
 photo IMG_2666copy_zpsb14dce37.jpg
 photo IMG_2144_zpsb7cb176c.jpg
 photo IMG_2690copy_zpsee50fef0.jpg
 photo IMG_2168_zpsa89f1ed3.jpg
 photo IMG_2148_zps5d697b33.jpg
 photo IMG_2673_zps2a47ad90.jpg
an arizona sunrise
 photo IMG_2133_zpsedcf416d.jpg
and a sunset
 photo IMG_2722_zpsdc0b9d96.jpg
ruthie kept pushing the buttom to make it turn on and off, maxson was just so happy to play with the moving red dots
 photo IMG_2714_zpsf79da5f2.jpg
back before i was born, my mom made this cool tent at a church activity. over 20 years later, the fabric is still durable and the sewing sturdy. now the grandkids love playing in the tent!
 photo IMG_2699copy_zps66387d94.jpg
on our way home
 photo IMG_2732_zps5d24079a.jpg

i listened to this WONDERFUL talk on marriage last week.
it is seriously such a beautiful message to all, whatever your faith!

"Marriage is a gift from God to us; the quality of our marriages is a gift from us to Him"

ps- i also updated my photo blog, of a recent photo shoot :)


Shane and Clara said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your family via pictures. Your little guys is absolutely adorable and I love the moments you capture. Thanks for encouraging me to update mine. Life gets busy and if I get behind....its hard for me to know where to start again so I don't leave anything out. But I just have to do my best.....I can't record every moment.
So Thanks Kimber for checking on me. :)

AN Petersen said...
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AN Petersen said...

I remember that tent! Now I want to be little again.