Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Motherhood is wonderful. You get to grow a person  in your body, feel the progress, bring that little one into the world, worry about their every need, care for all the details of their life. In return they smile, and giggle for you, growing into a human being with a personality and feelings and in turn love you. It's such a joy, so fulfilling.

But sometimes, motherhood is hard. Sometimes that little baby loves you so much that as soon as they see you they come crawling to your feet to whine and beg and crawl up your leg until you'll just hold them (they do not do this to anyone else). Sometimes they can't quite communicate their needs and very loud, unhappy sounds ensue. Sometimes cleaning up the same mess for what seems like the billionth time that day is pure exhaustion. Sometimes they think it's funny to grab onto your hair and pull it out which really hurts. Sometimes wrestling that baby for a diaper change for the 5th time that day is a dreaded task and you rock paper scissor your spouse to see whom will have to get on their own big boy/girl pants on to conquer that 20 pound baby. Sometimes they decide napping is stupid and fight and fight and fight you to go down until they win. 

But sometimes when you're exhausted and you want to just give yourself a 10 minute break you throw that baby in the bathtub hoping it will contain and entertain them long enough to recover yourself. You just sit outside of the tub close your eyes, relax and let the water splash on you without a care. And then out of the corner of your eye you watch that wet baby crawl all around the tub with such excitement slipping everywhere and in that moment's eye you remember how fun motherhood really is. And you continue to laugh as you watch that baby try to crawl up the backside of the tub where it's rounded but since there's no traction or hand holds they fall backwards like a penguin on their tummy and slide all the way to the other side at least 10 times not giving up until they get up.

Yes it's days like that that makes motherhood wonderful

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Melanie said...

Well said! I love your blog Kimber! Being a mom has been the most happy AND the most exhausting time of my life!

Blair said...

Well said. Well said. Bravo.

Cherri said...

You can rest when you are Dead..... :) so learning to love the work is the best medicine.... I love to work and so then it's no longer work. Motherhood.... NEVER goes away either... Luckily

Cody and Camille said...