Saturday, September 28, 2013

a peek into last week

some of my favorite pictures are the ones i take on a moments notice.
real everyday things.
like looking outside to see a few of the husbands outside talking while watching the children, all for no reason.
 photo IMG_3262_zpsd9db9597.jpg
a giggly boy in his high chair.
the 2 top right teeth are in as well as the 2 middle bottom, the two top left have officially popped through today as well!
 photo IMG_3277_zps7a7afa7e.jpg
popping his knee up while eating
 photo IMG_3268_zps5e1ad241.jpg
easy frittata with the over abundant supply of tomatoes and bail on hand.
 photo IMG_3265_zps9a2e3882.jpg
quick and easy baby entertainment:
1. the dishwasher, he loves when i have to put things in it
2. our front door. he looks out the window for at least an hour total everyday. who knew watching the outside world could be so enthralling for a little one. i will make sure our future home has a window like this babies can peek out of. cars are constantly going by, people walking to school, neighbors coming by talking to him, we both just love it. i especially love how he has to stand on his tippy toes to look out :)
 photo IMG_3258copy_zps9dca3a0b.jpg

also as i side note: i wanted to put it out there that WE ARE A PRO-VACCINE family and we loved how this article says it. i urge other pro-vaccine families will voice their opinion too.

AND i listened to an incredible rendition of i need thee every hour. i think i'm going to start singing that song when i'm having a difficult time with maxson in the middle of the night.

i watched this video which reminded me of why to use paper towels instead of hand blow dryers. ewwwwwww.

AND tonight i'm headed to a church meeting especially for women to strengthen and uplift us as daughter's of God. you can/should watch it live here too! (it starts at 6 pm mountain time 9/28)


Melissa said...

I'm seeing tons of pro-vaccine stuff lately. I didn't even realize there was a "thing" going on.

I had a feeling all those teeth would pop through at once! HE looks awfully cute with them.

Cherri said...

Vaccine vs good old dirt from the back yard? ??

Cherri said...

Yes ewww on the hand blowers.... I stopped using them years ago.

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh, Ive seen the article about vaccines floating around. Huffington post though making assumptions is just crunchy moms or ultra conservatives? Thats what HP is very good at! Im been accused of being a lefty liberal for not vaccinating or a democrat! LOL! I think we see people on all sides especially in the line of work we are in. Medical decisions should be left up to your family regardless of what mainstream is doing. I could also slam this article on the herd immunity part but just know more then half of the population is walking around unvaccinated since the baby boomers were only given 4-6 shots and the "immunity" wears off in 5-10 years. Most have not gotten all 36 plus shots or boosters. Its a huge decision for families to make. We studied, prayed, researched and felt it was best NOT to do it. Im proud of this MOM for coming out but I think her voice would be heard louder if she did not stereotype and shove unvaxing parents into specific categories. Also I would not say we are anti vaccines. We dont go around telling people to NOT vax. When asked by a patient or just by friend we always say do the research and make an educated decision yourself. We have access to databases and studies since in the healthcare field. Respectfully No pun intended. 98% of the friends I hang out here vax and know I dont. All is well with the world when understand all families are different and have different beliefs when it comes to healthcare for their kids. I figured you knew I would comment on this. Anyway, Maxson is huge and I love his teeth. So cute-- and that tomato thing you made looks so good!

Miss you guys! Ker