Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a wee little baby/Maxson's newborns part 2

8 days old.
so adorable.
so wonderful.
so kissable.
so perfect.

when we got the rest of these pictures back i was SO increibly thrilled.
i couldn't believe he was so small just a little bit ago!
my tiny baby has already grown up so much!
tear tear...
these pictures are so beautiful and i love every one.
i can't believe i was able to pair it down to just these few,
because in the photo book for 2012 there's nearly 20 pages of them!
again, why have them done if i don't get to enjoy them anywhere but on my computer?

(and maxson's newborns part 1 here)
 photo IMG_1759copy_zps84a4837b.jpg
 photo IMG_1769copy_zpsec8d81ea.jpg
 photo IMG_1773copy_zps77bc2d45.jpg
 photo IMG_1778copy_zpsbf7d7f56.jpg
 photo IMG_1806copy_zps6c84eb60.jpg
 photo IMG_1842copy_zps090be3f9.jpg
 photo IMG_1886copy_zpsaf0ef967.jpg
 photo IMG_2031copy1_zps21be5d78.jpg
 photo IMG_1786copy_zps69b09024.jpg
 photo IMG_2211copy_zps7ba1c753.jpg
 photo IMG_2251copy_zps401a188a.jpg
 photo IMG_2357copy_zpsafce8258.jpg
 photo IMG_2429copy3_zps191ae5e6.jpg
 photo IMG_2550copy_zps550e4433.jpg
 photo IMG_2454copy_zpsbd86dead.jpg
 photo IMG_2577copy-1_zps44bc0c99.jpg
 photo IMG_2583copy_zpscc916586.jpg
 photo IMG_2604copy1_zps2b3d0b2f.jpg
 photo IMG_2097copy_zps9d2b83e0.jpg

a huge thank you to oh snap! photography by monica.
if you're in the lincoln area, she is wonderful!


Purposely at Home said...

too incredibly precious.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness! He's so incredibly adorable! I just want to eat him up!

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Awe, Porter was looking at these with me and I said look cousin Maxson and he said, "ah hes a cute wittle bebe--he lays down a lot! Shh bebe sleeping!" So cute!