Monday, January 7, 2013

and we're back

back to nebraska.
back to real life.

it looks like a bomb went off in our home, i will spare you all the pictures of the mess.
i wish my mom could come for just 1 more week to get my life back in order post vacation.

first day home by ourselves with casey in school went well.
i was surprised how much i got done and yet not surprised how much i didn't get gone.
max decided 7 am was a great time to start the day.
let me preface, anytime we've had not the easiest of nights or max wakes up earlier than he needs to or suddenly he wants to be awake for an hour in the middle of the night or stuff like that,
casey has dealt with that the past 3 1/2 weeks while we've been on holiday (that saint) while i sleep a little longer.
now it's back to reality where casey has school in the morning so i did  have to get up at 7 am...oh boy.
what i've been most surprised at motherhood thus far is how you can function on such little sleep.
i do get lots of sleep but it's lots of small increments or sometimes just a few small increments.
that was one thing i was most worried about pre-parenthood, my sleep or lack of,
but it hasn't been a problem at all!

i do love seeing that boy first thing in the morning.
he's so awake, alert, happy, and content.
usually casey and i will continue to lay in bed and look and play with him for awhile,
it's the best.

here's a little tid bit of today,
it's so funny how his expressions change so quickly!

now it's time to go to bed, because he feel asleep nearly a half hour ago!!!

ps- best part of coming back home after 3 weeks around the holidays?
you come back to lots of christmas cards from friends.
it's like christmas all over again!

pps- he was an angel baby all 27 hours back to nebraska.
so grateful.

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