Tuesday, January 22, 2013

please don't interrupt...

finished through the month of April finally,
and igh-yigh-yigh.
i always forget what a long process it is to put the book all together.
and with a newborn,
it's making the process even L O  N   G     E      R.
on my to-do list for pretty much everyday in novemeber was "start photo book" because i knew it'd be so hard to do when the baby got here,
and boy was i right...
why did i not follow through with my good intensions?
yes, my pages are picture heavy, with little white space...eh, oh well, they still turn out beautifully
 photo ScreenShot2013-01-22at100353PM_zps73b5cb8f.png

i've decided to use blurb this year, even though it'll be twice as expensive if not more.
it's SOOO nice not having to worry about a 100 page limit.
so now i can make some pictures really big, i'm loving it.
plus i don't have to skimp on the pictures i love!

thus far i'm loving the blurb book making program,
you can manipulate ALL the layouts to exactly how you like and then save that layout too for future ones.
it's really quite simple.
and did i mention how i love that i can do more than a 100 pages?

through all this though, i'm pretty sure my thumbs will for sure have arthritis or carpal tunnel in them soon enough, blergh.

and to add a time crunch to all this, there's a 20% off coupon that ends on the 28th for blurb...
yeah, only 20%, that's the most they do. how lamo is that?
so if i continue at the rate i'm at (1 month a dayish), i will be finished by the 30th...oh great,
let's hope for a few boring months in there?...
though even if there are a couple boring months with fewer pictures there's always june that had hawaii and then decemeber which introduced maxson (that precious little baby:) and christmas which i haven't even blogged about yet which will make the editing and choosing pictures process LONGER.
and usually casey is the type of person that when he comes home from school he'd watch maxson the whole time if i really needed him to,
but 3 tests and 1 quiz in 3 days isn't helping my situation very much...
come on long naps maxson!!!

anyone want to make my book for me?


Kirk&Whitney said...

thats a lot of work! i want to make a book! i was wondering what program to use! ill try blurb! i could never do a 100 page limit...i have my posts all the way back to dating!

Cherri said...

you make me laugh.... since me doing it would put it out to the year 2020. cant wait to see it.