Saturday, December 22, 2012

the progression of the baby bump

it's so funny to look back at pictures when i was pregnant.
i remember at 38/39 weeks looking at previous pictures thinking "oh you were so small at x weeks!"
and also thinking "i'm not that big right?"
now that i'm not pregnant anymore i look at all these pictures, especially that bottom row and think
"holy moly, kimber! you were SO big!"
ha, i'm so glad maxson arrived so healthy though.
at times i miss being pregnant
i miss being able to tell casey "but i'm pregnant, you do it/i don't want to do it :)
it really was so fun to watch your body change.
it's amazing that God has created women's bodies to adapt and grow a human being inside!
those first few weeks i was constantly looking at maxson thinking 
"you used to be in me! you are so big!"
do enjoy the progression of the bump:

 photo maternity_zps2248c266.jpg

**note to self and others:**
i distinctly remember posing in a way for the last half of these pictures so i didn't look HUGE in front of the camera, which i truly was.
i will not be posting the true profile 39 week picture because i promise you (cough cough lyndsey..) will see me one day and say "kimber! you were so big! holy hannah! i can't believe how big you got!" and i will think in my mind "thank you for reminding me how large how i had gotten" but will say out loud "i know, crazy, huh?"
sometimes i would look at the pictures casey took and immediately say "oh my goodness, i look GINORMO! take some more" and i would stand differently so you couldn't fully see the straight up profile largeness.
so future pregnant kimber and other pregnant friends: do not compare yoursleves to these pictures. they are decieving at times and everyone/every baby grows differently :)
just enjoy the ride of pregnancy and maxi dresses/leggings/belly bands.

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The Blackwelders said...

Wow Kimber! You did look huge! Ha. Thanks for your sweet comments. I love all your baby posts. I loved the one about your mommy must haves. So helpful!