Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year

this sums up our new year's eve:
ha, when baby goes to bed, mama goes to bed.
poor baby boy woke up monday morning with a stuffy nose.
stuffy nosed babies=saddest/most sympathetic parents ever.
my heart aches every time i hear that stuffy nose breathe.

new year's eve day/evening was celebrated with family.
my brother, SILs, and their kids were here for a lot of the day just playing.
my aunt and uncle joined us for a large family dinner which felt so right.

the evening ended with watching the new bourne movie,
although with a baby you only actually watch 1/3-1/2 of it.
most the time you're asking "so wait, what's going on?"
but i like it that way.
max was able to finally fall asleep at 10:30, I followed at 11, and casey came in for a new year's kiss at 11:15.
sounds like my kind of new year's eve :)


2012 treated us very well.

the anticipation of a baby boy joining our family and finally having him come tops the list.
max was our most favorite part of 2012 :)

we finished up our first provo bucket list.

we graduated from byu.

we moved to and worked in new jersey for the summer.

we moved to nebraska where casey started dental school.

as i've reflected over the year these past weeks being with family and enjoying the first month of motherhood i can truly say that we've been incredibly blessed this year.

we're incredibly looking forward to enjoying maxson's first year and all the joy that will bring.
we welcome 2013 with much excitement!

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Shane and Clara said...

what a precious little boy!