Saturday, December 29, 2012

our christmas 2012

christmas in wyoming was truly magical this year.
we were crazy enough to drive all the way to wyoming with our brand new little 2 week old. 
2 weeks!
he was so little back then, looking back i can't believe we traveled so early on. 

the whole family made it to wyoming which was spectacular.
it was one full house.
and noisy too, ha.
apparently it was freezing outside...i wouldn't really know since max and i stayed inside like the whole time.
there were lots of fun activities going on but what i mostly remember was nursing, putting max to sleep, and taking naps.

here's a few (raw) pictures to prove we were there.

christmas trees everywhere in the cutler home.
every year i say i'll count them and every year i don't...
this is technically casey's tree, the santa themed one
 photo IMG_2068_zpsd1ad4070.jpg
 photo IMG_5142_zpsb71912af.jpg
baby brielle is an absolute doll.
smiles everywhere for everyone.
with any energy i could muster to give to other children while max was sleeping, she usually got it, ha.
 photo IMG_5148_zpsdd2f5609.jpg
old school matching time
 photo IMG_5209_zps82573c56.jpg
 photo IMG_5262_zps264330eb.jpg
 photo IMG_1979_zps9345cc21.jpg
 photo IMG_1944_zpse833b9d8.jpg
 photo IMG_1951_zpsa65cfd00.jpg
 photo IMG_1947_zps2578a0e3.jpg
 photo IMG_1937_zps98a16f56.jpg
 photo IMG_5227_zpsa195080d.jpg
my the size 2 weeks vs 8 months makes...
 photo IMG_5239_zps2b19c1cd.jpg
 photo IMG_5271_zpscde42e33.jpg
 photo IMG_5288_zpsd3e627c6.jpg
 photo IMG_5300_zpsa5cf84cb.jpg
 photo IMG_1930_zpsfe656bf8.jpg
i loved constatnly putting him in the different christmas outfits.
cutest things ever!
 photo IMG_5328_zps33df638c.jpg
 photo IMG_5342_zpsb61bc895.jpg
 photo IMG_5341_zps68e76ee9.jpg
yes, these 3 are brothers.
so similar yet so different.
as a wife, i love seeing casey interact with them.
 photo DSCN2036_zpse12fe2f1.jpg
 photo IMG_5349_zps6e5346b2.jpg
this animal gave me the heebeegeebees every time i went down stairs.
it was GINORMO
like pregnant kimber ginormo!
 photo IMG_5350_zps5b49881f.jpg
on christmas eve casey's mom put together a whole special activity/program for the family which included crafts for the kids, books read by uncles, testimonies given of Heavenly Father's love, songs, cowboy hats, and the nativity.
it was so fun to watch and be apart of.
 photo IMG_5348_zps4c0f211c.jpg
 photo IMG_5357_zps1ef66e39.jpg
this is casey's brother derek whocanapparentlygrowabeardthatwillputanyUSpresident'stoshame
 photo IMG_0509_zps72ca779c.jpg
 photo IMG_5371_zpsebd5c35d.jpg
 photo IMG_5382_zpsc6bcf03a.jpg
 photo IMG_0518_zps4f1fd3d4.jpg
 photo IMG_1967_zpsa42accbb.jpg

 photo IMG_0532_zps54f9bb1c.jpg
the men boys inthe family decided to make tayli, the 17 year old sister's, car into a ginormous sculptured pig...
they were so proud,
though she was not amused.
 photo IMG_5399_zps558bd02a.jpg
 photo IMG_5406_zpsa5427f8a.jpg
 photo IMG_5410_zpsded90dcd.jpg
tim tam slamming it up.
boy are those suckers RICH but so good!
 photo IMG_5424_zpse24f9307.jpg
 photo IMG_5427_zpsdc9da0ee.jpg
 photo IMG_0582_zpsb85ae691.jpg
 photo IMG_5434_zpse058681c.jpg
 photo IMG_5414_zps0ccf3950.jpg
i didn't take any pictures of christmas morning but it was one to be remembered.
by the time maxson and i came down stairs there was wrapping paper everywhere,
new toys scattered,
all the family gathered into one small area,
new electronics being opened and admired,
children with smiles,
and adults/parents admiring on.

other mentionables:
freezing weather the whole time.
the noise.
waffle stick christmas morning.
family caroling.
the game of things.
small children zumba-ing.
sick children/adults.
children doing puzzles.
family pictures (which i will post soon!)
and laughing :)

i loved our time spent in wyoming for christmas with the cutlers!

and a GINORMOUS thank you to mom C. who took care of us for nearly two weeks.
best part about traveling to someone's house when your baby isonly 2 weeks old?
no cleaning, cooking, organizing, or to-do lists.
thank you.

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