Sunday, January 27, 2013

a father.

i saw this video today and had to share it.
it is so beautifully done
and so dear to my heart right now.

or see it here

as i'm finishing up the month of december on our photo album and love going through the pictures of maxson.
i love seeing how he's grown and remembering when he was like this or that.
but even more, i love seeing the pictures of casey and maxson together.
i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, faithful husband and father for my children.
i see in the pictures the tenderness casey has for him as he holds him so closely and protecting.
my heart continues to spill over in gratitude and happiness looking at those moments.
 photo IMG_1973copy_zpsc48a0c42.jpg
 photo IMG_1989copy_zps6052e75d.jpg
 photo IMG_2053copy_zps0994ef51.jpg
 photo IMG_2025copy_zps296c6238.jpg photo IMG_2267copy_zps274d6f2b.jpg
as i put maxson to sleep each time for naps or bedtime we're constantly singing different songs about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and their love for us.
it often brings me to tears knowing just a little bit ago, this small spirit i'm rocking to sleep in my arms was in the presence of our Heavenly Father and His love for him and me is more than i can fathom.
as parents, we are the lucky ones to get to teach our children the most important things in life:
that their Father in Heaven loves them and they are a Child of God.

there's so much to learn in this life and with our Father in Heaven, all things are possible with his love.


Justin and Ashley said...

I love ALL your posts! And I love you post so often! We really do need to get together!!! I want to cuddle that sweet baby so bad!

Jessie said...

Beautifully said, Kimber! Love these pictures. Singing primary songs to get them to go to sleep is my favorite. I still rock Missy for naps and bedtime, and don't see it stopping anytime soon. It's such a special moment to share with her, and I love it!
Thank you for your wonderful post.

Shane and Clara said...

So sweet Kimber. Such a blessed family you all are. Sweet mother and father. ;)

Melissa Lynn said...

Man that room gets some good light! My house is so dark I'm discourage from taking pictures.