Thursday, May 3, 2012

a wedding in the desert

right after graduation casey and i drove our little tooshies down to arizona for another of my bff's weddings!
senior year of high school i made the best of friends with three other girls whom i will forever love to death.
1.5 years after high school, i got married.
3 years after high school, amy got married.
3.5 years after high school, nicole got married.
and 4 years after high school, brooke got married.

funny thing is, miss brooke was the one who wanted to get married the fastest :)
oh brookie...
but we had the most splendid time that day.
the ceremony was beautiful,
it was a nice, hot day, very worthy of arizona weather.
casey and myself got to spend tons of time with amy and tim which was just a blast.
we were laughing and laughing and of course reminiscing.
brooke looked absolutely beautiful and so happy.
i'm so glad i got to be there for her.
so dearest brookie, happy wedding day :)
 photo IMG_1647-1_zps4edad196.jpg

and we were so thrilled nicole was able to make it all the way from hawaii!
 photo IMG_1650_zps6d94f79d.jpg

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Nicole said...

HAHA great picture of the four of us. I like my sleeveless turtleneck dress.