Wednesday, January 2, 2013

one month (already?!)

on the first day of the new year, 2013, we celebrated baby boy's 1 month birthday!
i really can't believe it's been 1 month.
it's gone by so quick!
he's been the sweetest lil thing and we love him like crazy.
in one month's time he
was born into the world to two of the proudest parents.
traveled to wyoming, utah, and arizona.
has thus far traveled a total of 27 hours in the car.
does not fit newborn clothes anymore, tear, tear.
has rolled over from his tummy to back (of course unknowingly) 4 times.
weighs 10 and a half pounds.
he smiles when going to sleep or while sleeping.
sleeps 3-4 hours stretches at night, with 5 being his longest.
wakes up twice a night.
takes 4 naps during the day.
poops a lot (surprise, surprise).
loves swaddling.
is not the biggest fan of being naked.
pees while taking a bath.
constantly spits up on casey.
favors his mama for cuddling.
has gotten his first stuffy/runny nose.
has been to church once for his blessing.
is called maxson, max, maximus, maxy, and maxypoo.
loves being the cutest baby around.
"i'm this big!"

i'm so glad he has entered our lives,
we are the happiest we've ever been!

happy 1 month, baby maxson.


Ashley D said...

Look at that adorable baby stretch!

Jacie Saltzman said...

he is seriously adorable.

Suzanne and Nate said...

So cute! And wow a month can really race by huh?! I can't believe I still haven't seen you since! Can't wait to catch up.