Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ruthie's newborn pictures

we are officially back from arizona.
we originally had planned on driving back sunday but on saturday night talked about how we wanted to stay just one more day.
we weren't set on it but the longer we stayed on sunday, we just decided to stay another night.
i just love arizona.
waking up friday morning was like a dream vacation:
bright light shining through the window,
breeze blowing in through the window with a 70 degree breeze...
so perfect.
the whole wedding was so wonderful and so beautiful!
we are so happy for them.
i'll share wedding pictures soon.
but first...

we spent much of our time on friday taking pictures of new little ruthie!
this was my first time i've gotten to photograph a newborn and it was so fun!
i'm so happy blair had confidence in me, ha, and i'm glad blair was there to help me with that little sweetie.
so here goes a few of my favorites from little ruth lova woodruff.

and here are a couple more we took with annalee and phoebe!

definitely learned a ton about photographing newborns.
i read a bunch of tips on the internet to help me, and they really did.
one thing i did not read about:
how to control an almost 2 and 4 year old during pictures.
ha, what a joke! if casey hadn't been there it wouldn't have happened, seriously,
he's a miracle worker when it comes to getting kids to look at the camera.
blair held the light reflector which improved the photos a billions times.

ruth is a cutie and so small and precious!
i was wondering all weekend what kind of girl she'll be.
looking back and the other 4 neices/nephews it's funny thinking about their baby personalities and looks and characteristics and seeing what they are now.
i'm so excited for all these kids to grow up,
and one day get to experience this with my own little babes!

next up: some wedding day pictures!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, you are an amazing photographer!! These are so beautiful and your nieces are just adorable :) I wish you could take pictures of our twins this spring!

Laura said...

Wow! You did such a great job! Hey, I remember once upon a time you said there is an online class to learn photography. Can you give me some more info?

Shane and Clara said...

OH so adorable, little Ruthie is! Congrats to Logan and Blair.

I love the close up pictures of how you can see the baby peach fuzz on her and each detail (hand, foot, mouth ect.)

AND I am loving the girls all layered ontop of each other! So precious. :)
GReat JOB!

Shane and Clara said...

OH, and Annalee....suddenly looks like such a big, and as always a most CUTE little girl!

Seriously....Logan and Blair's girls are all so cute. We miss getting to see you all. :(
It has been forever since I last saw Logan's family.

Brittany said...

So adorable!