Tuesday, March 27, 2012

free crappy portraits.

ave you heard of free crappy portraits?
i sent in our bio at the end of February and was SO excited to get ours back this weekend.
it's the silliest picture and so outlandish but that's why i love it.
it's just so gosh darn funny!
we were laughing our bums off while looking at the picture!

 here was the bio I sent:

We are Casey and Kimber Cutler.

One day Casey will be a dentist and loves snowcones. Sometimes Casey wears V-neck shirts that are koolaid colored.

One day Kimber will be a full fledged balloon lady, bc balloons make people happy!!!!! especially HUGE pink ones!!!!!! Kimber also always wear really bright pink or red lipstick, and has bangs.

They went skydiving together last year.

We're moving to Nebraksa this year, you know Nebraska? Like the one Lady Gaga sings about in You and I!?!?!?!? We'll be famous!!!!

This year we're going to buy a dog and it's name will be Jimmer (like the b-ball player...ya know?)

We're going to move back to  Arizona someday bc it's way more fun to play buy a pool all year and be hot than freeze your bum off in Nebraska.

We eat doughnuts for breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, onesies, supper, and dinner. Don't forget the sprinkles!!!!!!!!!


if any of you ever get one please share so i can see yours!
they're just too funny!


Jacie Saltzman said...

hahah i love the idea behind that blog so much! never heard of it but now i want one. also i am too lazy, so i will probably never get one.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Haha thanks to Courtney, even I have been portrayed by crappy portraits