Wednesday, March 14, 2012

other activities while in arizona

more pictures of logan and blair's family since that was who i was around all friday.
on sunday we went a visited the temple site for the new gilbert temple!
wow, that place will be crazy beautiful.
there are 2 sealing rooms inside that can fit 100 people sitting.
how wonderful!
it really will be such a beuatiful temple!
we also took a walk on sunday with mom, blair, the girls, casey, and tazz.
holy cow, tazz is not a dog to be walked!
she is to be ran with.
but we love her anyways because she is apart of the family.
casey caught this beautiful picture of me as we waited for phoebe,
who insisted on pushing the stroller she was in herself.
that girlfriend was like a drunk driver all over the sidewalk, ha

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