Sunday, March 11, 2012

Casey Post #10 Mini Cupcakes!!

So I have enjoyed a little wedding down in Arizona this weekend, and I think the best thing I liked about the weekend food was these little, tiny cupcakes. So I kind of ate a lot of them and than I totally took a box of them home and they are so nice because they are all little bite-size so you can just keep plopping them in your mouth. They are so Tasty! I have become quite fond of the yellow, lemon flavored ones. They are so delightful!

So I totally love mini cupcakes because they don't make you feel so bad about eating a few here and there. Weddings are wonderful, but they are even better when little cupcakes are around. If you are having a wedding here soon please please provide little mini cupcakes because they will be the life of the food show.

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The Blackwelders said...

Kimber! I didn't know you took pictures! These are so cute. You are so talented! I'm jealous. What kind of camera do you have?