Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casey Post #13: April Fools

So for some reason Kimber thinks it is so funny to spray me in the face with water when I am trying to wash a dish for her. Ok, so this morning I was kinda going on a little less sleep than normal and I of course didn't remember it was April 1st. I was so kind and was making good ole Kimber some German Pancakes and when I needed some water to do the dishes as well yet again I got sprayed in the face. You can see last year's post here. Ya so I think it was more in the afternoon time last year and I think I had just changed my clothes and this dear wife of mine decides to just get me all soaked. I was not a very happy camper. I thought April Fools stuff was supposed to be happy for each other kinda jokingly, but not violent haha. I don't find it very funny to get washed out with water, I was much kinder and understanding this year, but I still don't find it very amusing. Anyways I thought I would share my little rants that Kimber should try doing something a little nicer next April Fools what do you all think? Thank you I love you and Good bye!

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Cherri said...

Sam thinks the two of you should form an I Hate April Fools Club.... so sorry Casey....she gets it from me. Call me next year so we can colaborate on something worthy for Kimber's April Fools. :)