Monday, February 20, 2012

a weekend of family.

this cute couple is known as grandpa and grandma fran to the cutler/christensen family.
in about 2 weeks they will be leaving to serve a mission in the equador temple for 18 months!
we are so very excited for them!
happy and sad to see them leave.
many of casey's mom's side of the family gathered in for the weekend to send them off and we sent them off with a bang!

food all weekend.
grandma fran is a spectacular cook.
we were fed so well all weekend and with about 10 women in the kitchen to help cook and clean, eating was a breeze.
on saturday, the men were sent with all the children to jumping jacks, and the women were left along to "cook."
cooking was actually finished in the morning before they even left!
so we all sat together and crafted for hours on end,
all during one day and the nights of both days, such a hoot with these ladies.
we were so lucky to have 2 of grandma fran's daughters to join in on the fun too!
also, miss aunt malinda "pimped" out our nails.
(those were her exact words in a text to me the day before :)
she is such a hoot. 
we all had the best time together.
a crowning event of one of the evening was to celebrate grandpa's birthday!
he 78 and is kickin like he's 60!
it is incredible to watch him go.
we had such a fun time making the cake (it was the only food project fran has ever let me be in charge of) and putting ALL 78 CANDLES on that baby.
he was a little surprised to see that cake all up in flames!
the weekend included lots of fun little kiddos as well.
jacob is the funniest 2 1/2 year old.
we got a kick from nearly every sentence that came out of that boy's mouth.
and to continue the tradition of baby whispering, casey yet again defied that odds and put another baby to sleep in his arms. 
the mother was shocked to say the least when seeing the babe went to sleep without a pacifier.
baby whispering continues...
last but not least was the sunday farewell.
they're talks were so spectacular.
fran is such an amazing lady and we are so lucky she joined the family.
grandpa is one of the most stalwart men you'll ever meet and ha stories of incredible opportunities and experiences after another.
we love them both dearly!

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Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

What great pics, wish we could have been there too. Thanks for sharing with us. We are so blessed to have such a great family!!