Friday, February 24, 2012

my dream job.

i've decided my dream job would be an assistant/secretary to member of the first presidency or quorum of the 12.

here's how i reached that conclusion:
i'm in a class here at BYU entitled the living prophets.
it is such an incredible class.
for the past month and a half we've focused a lot on president monson:
-his life growing up and the years in between those and now being prophet.
-his messages to men
-his messages to women
-his messages to young adults
-and about 50 other random conference talks chosen for us to read.
he is an incredible story teller and has a story for everything.
he focuses on serving others, listening to the spirit, and always having a spirit of gratitude.
what an incredible man to lead the church.
i truly love him and have full faith in him that he is the Lord's prophet today who is called to lead the people on the earth.

today we talked about the life of president uchtdorf and his journey of life that has brought him now to the 1st presidency of the church.
he is the sweetest man with an incredible background.
he's so genuine and has so much joy in him.

(i'd talk about pres eyring too right now, but i missed that day:)

i'm looking forward to learning about the rest of the apostles' lives in the coming weeks.
i know they are all amazing men with so much to teach!

so it was in today's discussion of president uchtdorf that sealed in me the dream job of being a secretary/assistant to any of those brethren.
to be around those brilliant, kind, inspiring men each day and their wives and family.
reading their talks always makes me so happy and fills me with so much joy,
going to "work" would be a breeze, 
i'd look forward to my job and the people i work with everyday!


last weekend with all the family in town,
we had lots of talks around the table together.
much of it on finances.
there are a few finance gurus in the family who we have so much to learn from.
so great to hear from them advice of things we may want to think about with dental school and beyond in our future.
among the discussion i brought up to everyone the question
if you could open up any business you wanted and it would be guaranteed to be successful, what would you choose?

a few of the answers were travel agents, travel tour guides, golf instructors, candy shop owners,
casey's was a bahama bucks shop owner or arcade owner
mine was a dance shop owner.
so what would your dream business be?
it's fun to hear other's respnses.

and who knows, maybe one day we can all reach for the stars and make our dreams come true!

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