Friday, February 10, 2012


our friends are moving.
our game mates our moving.
our go-to people to hang out with are moving.
our meli is moving.
our tristan is moving.
our brother and sister in law are moving to arizona in less than a month :(

so sad.

on super bowl sunday, us siblings gathered for food (SO MUCH FOOD), commercials, games, and football.
i put football last bc we (except casey) really didn't watch much of it til the last 3 minutes.
i haven't eaten that much food in ages!
tristan and abby were the funniest/cutest things ever.
the 6 of us adults have gotten to a stage where we can just have the best time together,
and it will all be ending quite soon with scott and megan leaving and we will follow in just 2 1/2 months!

but late, late in the night,
once children had gone to bed,
we brought out settlers with the expansion pack.

scott and megan are the absolute funnest and best people to play games with.
we love them.
we all want to win, we all laugh, we all help, we all steal, and we all selfishly keep cards to ourselves.
scott had us laughing the whole time.
alliances formed and crumbled in seconds.
cards were constantly being exchanged/stolen.
casey tried breaking rules.
scott was practically selling his soul for paper.
casey couldn't build anywhere.
megan kept having to give up half her cards.
after 3 hours of both megan and i trading off being 1 point away from winning, megan won.
longest, but best game of settlers ever.

we're going to miss our gamers.

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Scottie and Megany said...

aww... that was a great post :) love you guys! and i think the best part was casey being angry that i won because it was your fault. good times