Monday, February 13, 2012

casey's surprise party and giveaway winner

 out of 27 entries, #26 won, which means
our giveaway winner is miss clarissa!
yay, you won!
if you could email kimberwo{at}gmail{dot}com
with your shipping info, J3LL will be sending you your two favorites!!!

thank you so much everyone else for entering!

the other day when i was in the byu bookstore and there was actually a whole section of J3LL watches by the jewelery area!
go check em out next time you're in there!!!

onto to casey's surprise party!
i can't believe it actually worked. 
worked as in it was actually a surprise to him.
it did have a few kinks in the plan that had to be fixed, let's start from the beginning:

i kept telling casey he should maybe go to nickle city with some guys friends in the afternoon on saturday.
it was supposed to be like my little "gift" to him, you know, guys time, an arcade.
after lots of prodding, no men were found to accompany him.
luckily, his good friend brock knew of my plan of trying to get him out of the house for the little partay.
so, he set up a few guys to go to the RB to play basketball at 5.
that'd give me perfect amount of time to get it all ready, 2 1/2 hours, i got that.
at 6 he calls to tell me he's rolled his ankle and he wants to come home.
really? really.
ha, so i tell him i'm still out grocery shopping and he'll need to wait a little while.
i'm actually in the middle of making the batter for the cake!
so i finish putting the batter in the pans, throw everything i had out in the back room,
including the uncooked cake :)
i'm literally running around the house doing this while laughing thinking the party won't end up being a surprise.

casey then calls to ask how far away from home i am bc he just decided to limp home.
ha, really, casey!!!
i tell him i'll be finished soon, bc he doesn't have keys to get into the house.
i rush out to the car, jump in, drive like a mad woman out of the driveway, and see him about to walk across the sidewalk 3 houses down!!!
i don't turn his way, but instead take a loop around the block,
by the time i "come back from grocery shopping" he's sitting at the door.
woah, that was close.
things i can't believe he didn't notice:
how i came into the house with 1 fake bag of groceries.
a crockpot with tons of meatballs in it sitting on the counter, wow.

so about 6:45 i somehow get him out of the house teling him we'll go get some free birthday stuff.
luckily he came, even though he totally didn't want to.
we went to firehouse subs (so rude, it had to be ON your birthday, his birthday is on sunday, come on, it's utah!!!!)
and del taco- 2 free tacos and a shake.
during this time i had gotten a few texts from people saying we're here, and getting it all set up!
what a relief!
i left a note on the stairs with lots of directions, ha.
we arrived home at 7:30 with a big old surprise at the top of the stairs!
casey had no clue and was very happy.
(i was kinda worried, bc on the way home from del taco, he said "i just want to go home, sit, and watch basketball..." oh jeeze, what had i done!)
the girls did such a great job setting the house up with my decorations through out both rooms and cake and drinks,
the whole she bang!
we played lots of games, as always, and had a great time.
oreo cake which turned out good enough with a sparkler atop that was impossible to blow out, but looked awesome.

we kept the rest of the food simple with meatballs, m&m's, carrots, and an oober yummy drink from suzie.
we had the perfect group of friends there:
2 mission/work friends: brock/emily and andy/kylie
2 family friends: scott/megan/tristan and suzie/ryan.
thank you everyone for coming and helping.
it was so fun!
and, again, happy birthday to casey!


Scottie and Megany said...

haha casey is funny in this pic!

Brittany said...

Fun! Happy birthday Casey!