Sunday, February 12, 2012

quarter of a century!

(last year i was really excited that i'd be able to use that title in 2012:)
a big happy birthday to my wonderful husband!
another day i get to celebrate him in my life!
i keep teasing him that he's now closer to 30 than he is 20 :)
i'm so lucky to have him.
sometimes when we're sitting at a restaurant,
i'll tell him 
"can you believe we're married!?, i still can't believe that you picked me as your favorite person!
because you're my favorite person!!!!! what are the chances of that!?"
he then laughs, and smiles, squints his eyes, tilts his head, and says "i know, me too."

we're very lucky to get to spend so much time with each other.
compared to other couples, i feel like we spend TONS of time with each other
which i most totally love!
we're beyond blessed to get to work together, and have very similar school schedules.
he's always making me smile and laugh.
i feel like such a lucky girl to have gotten such a great one!
i'm constantly reminded by family how lucky i was to have married casey, ha, and i agree, he's just the kind of husband and companion i need

i love that he makes everyone feel like close friends.
i love that he's so on top of the ball when it comes to getting things done asap.
he puts up with all my stupidness and can make not funny things funny.
he has the funniest faces when he gets pouty.
he's incredible with children, they all love him instantly.
he's thoughtful and caring when it comes to doing small things.
he loves and serves the Lord with all his might.

i love this boy.
i'm happy i get to celebrate him in my life today!

more about birthday celebrations coming this week.
somehow i through him a little surprise party!

and last day to enter the giveaway is today, ends at midnight tonight!


Shane and Clara said... sweet. I love how you guys are so excited about EVERYTHING! and see everything so optimistically!!! I know I didn't see my 25th as a quarter of a century old....wish i would have.

And totally a good idea to take pictures around campus life/classes....memories to remember indeed.

SO! We'd love to have you guys come visit this summer if it fits into your busy schedule! We are currently not planning on the family reunion. Wish we were closer to come be part of everything. :(

Danielle said...

Yay! Happy birthday! I do that too sometimes- How are we so lucky that we got MARRIED?! Isn't a great realization!? :).