Friday, February 3, 2012

Casey Post #5 Crazy Casey email!

This week I decided to do something daring, and crazy, but any United States citizen can do. Any guesses? Well I was accepted to the University of Nebraska dental school and along with this the state of Wyoming has a WYDENT program that allows the state of Wyoming to pay for my dental school if we come back and practice in Wyoming for 3 years.; however, I received a letter that the state legislature wanted some budget cut proposals from the program in case they decided to cut part of the program. So I called the WYDENT department to see if I needed to do anything or do I just wait until March when they come out of session. Both times I called they said, “well you can always call your representatives and talk to them. “ So I decided to find out all of the state legislature’s emails and I sent them an email yesterday. I was surprised at the amount of replies thus far and they have all been positive. My dad called our local ones here and a lot of them were unaware that the WYDENT program was even being brought up because they thought that nothing was going to happen to that program. So it was relatively good news because we don’t have to worry as much that they are going to cut any of the funds to that program. We won’t know for sure until March, but the results look promising. I just felt funny emailing all of my state legislature and I felt daring sending them an email haha.


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Way to do Casey!! I hope it works out for you! Also maybe you can send a letter to our current President too and give him you piece of mind...haha! Good work!


Cherri said...

Give you a lot of Credit Casey. A go to it Man! Coming out on the other end debt free.... will be such an incredible blessing! We'll keep our fingers crossed and prayers said. PS great PJs kimber!