Tuesday, February 28, 2012

skiing vs snowboarding

i tried skiing again last friday for the first time in about 10 years!
i've kinda been wanting to learn how to ski again for awhile now.
i love snowboarding, i really do,
it's just that when you're with a bunch of skiiers and you're the only boarder, it's just easier to ski like everyone else.
and it's nice to know that you can easily do both.

so i borrowed a friend's set of skis and we went up to sundance for the day!
luckily it was decent snow.

it was actually way fun!
it was like going up to sundance for the first time all over again.
i knew the trails but it was a whole different experience,
you know, the whole, "am i gonna fall or not" feeling etc.

i picked up on it pretty quick surprisingly, and didn't fall for a long while.
once we got to the back mountain, i fell THREE times on the same spot everytime we went down the mountain.
i'd lie if each time i fell i didn't get all huffy and puffy and upset and cry, ha.
after about the first 5 seconds of being mad, i laughed at myself of my stupidity!
why the freak was i crying? it was my first time skiing!
i just didn't want to fall, it did make it worse that it was the same spot.

other than those 3 falls, i did pretty darn well, i'd say, for my first day.
not much pizzaing over here, rock on kimber!

let's get to the important stuff here.
snowboarding vs skiing.
what's better.

i've compiled a list of pros and cons for you all:

skiing is easy to first learn and catch onto.
snowboarding is hard to first learn and catch onto.

skiing is harder to get really good at.
snowboarding is easy to get really good at.

skiing has way more stuff you have to carry: TWO poles and TWO skis, it gets a little hard to carry.
snowboarding has ONE thing to carry, it's easy.

ski boots are heavier than snowboard boots.

it's hard to fall skiing.
it's easy to fall snowboarding.

when you fall skiing, it's like a train reck.
when you fall boarding, it's no big deal.

it's super easy to get off a lift in skis.
it's super easy to fall getting off the lift on a snowboard.

it's hard to inch down the mountain in skis.
it's easy to inch down the mountain on a snowboard.

it's hard to go down really steep mountains on skis.
it's easy to go down really steep mountains on a snowboard.

it's easy to always be in control on skis.
it's not as easy to learn to always be in control on a snowboard.

you pretty much never sit down skiing.
you pretty much always will have to be on your bum at some points of snowboarding (ie- putting your strap on or waiting for others.)

i'd say those other the major points i learned from the day.

will i ski again?

will i snowboard again?

over and out!

and the end picture of the cupcake?
that was my reward for skiing for the day.

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