Sunday, February 19, 2012

Casey Post #7 Charity never Faileth

So for our blog post this week, my teacher asked us to basically do a random act of service for a complete stranger like buying a coke and giving it to someone walking by. I decided to reminisce on a small act of kindness that a stranger did for Kimber and I when we were first married. We hadn't washed off our, "just married" writing from our car yet and we were going into deseret book to shop for some things, when we came out we found an envelope with 5 dollars and a note. The note said, to spend this money on something that you both can enjoy that doesn't come out of your own pocket, but that you can spend care free. I don't remember what we spent it on, but I remembered the act of charity. So a couple of weeks ago I was walking to school when I saw a car with similar writing like we had when we were just married, and somehow I had 5 dollars in my pocket! I tore off a little piece of paper and put the money in it with a note that was something similar to what we received 2 years previous. I felt pretty good spiritually because I was able to give back to someone else and hopefully pass on a tradition from newly married couple to newly married couple. A little act of kindness can really brighten up someone's day.

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sam&charlie said...

found your blog through someone else's blog and after stalking a tad i'm SO GLAD i stumbled upon you guys! you two are adorable. and i love that sweet story of your charity tradition.