Wednesday, May 28, 2014

twins! twins? twins!!!!

thank you for all the congratulations, make the news new all over again! i am 15 weeks now and feeling great! more on the actual pregnancy to come later this week for now:

**written the day after finding out we were having twins**

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oh boy yesterday may have been the biggest surprise of my life. finding out that you're having twins when it's the most unexpected thing that could you ever find out in your pregnancy is the biggest shock in the entire world. seriously, it has been such an overwhelming day. the joy, the excitement, the shock, the fear, the blessing, the adventure, wow, it just throws you for a whirlwind!

all day long  that was the constant thing that dwelt in my mind. not just that i am pregnant which is still super exciting but the fact that there will be two, two, TWO babies in there and coming out into the world at the same time. i am still just so overwhelmed at the thought of having twins, i can't believe it's real. i mean, i know it's real for sure, i was right there in the ultra sound. like many others i didn't have to say "no way, you're kidding me? are you sure" there's no denying it when you're looking at a picture/video/ultra sound of TWO little babies wiggling like crazy. it was just SHOCKING. (shocking and overwhelming are the two golden words of the day, the sum up my emotions the best)

the thing is, i am a sleeper, it's like my hobby, one of my favorite hobbies. if that sounds super lazy i know it is, i know, it's totally a problem in my life. well you can only imagine how difficult it was for me to go to bed the night we found out about twins! i was face timing people all day to share our joyous news, it was just so hard to keep in! the people i was talking to later into the night my excuse to end the conversation was that i needed to go to bed because i was tired, which i was. i usually go to bed between 10-10:30 since becoming pregnant, but although i was tired my mind was still racing too much! people kept finally calling back, or i'd have an idea to call just one more person, and then casey and i just kept talking in bed, and before i knew it it was past midnight and i still wasn't asleep. i did finally fall asleep after over an hour or so laying in bed with the thought of twins running through, but once i awoke at 4:50 to go to the bathroom (i have to go the bathroom in the middle of the night always, literally starting the night i find out i'm pregnant, so silly) i COULD NOT go back to sleep. my mind was on and the thought of twins was back to racing in my mind. i can't begin to tell you how weird this is for me, i can always fall back to sleep, anywhere, anytime, no matter the circumstance i am your girl. by 6:15 i called it quits and got up to make myself french toast. wow, the difference twins has already made in my life!!!!

tomorrow: twin FAQ's

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