Saturday, May 17, 2014

arizona from my phone

a. watching planes at the airport
b. driving his car around the airport windows
c. made it to the heat of arizona
d. i was amazed at how i had forgotten how arizona does show signs of spring
 photo May162014_zps56afa8ca.jpg
a. kirk took me on a ride in his rhino. curves my appetite for needing to go on my own motorcycle ride
b. maxson loves everyone who shares their phone/ipad
c. rhino ride
d. motorcycle ride
 photo May1620142_zpsd480a03f.jpg
a. & b. obsessed with this popper/roller. had to take it with him everywhere that first day
c. sunglasses twins
d. the little puppy scout was too adorable
 photo May1620141_zps191f39ff.jpg
a. give max a pen…
b. fell asleep with sunglasses on like this
c. more sleepiness before the splash pad
d. splash pad
 photo May1620143_zpsbe2ddeaa.jpg
a. whitney and evolett
b. cousins!
c. early morning scriptures outside
d. helping my mom with a balloon job
 photo May1620144_zps96037ce3.jpg
a.-c. eating at ti rosa's. the main restaurant had a fire so the taqueria was extra busy with extra seating in the parking lot
d. fun with pots and pans
 photo May1620145_zps0a0afc84.jpg
a.-b. the zoo
c. on a walk with granny
d. piano playing
 photo May1620146_zpsbc6fc8ac.jpg
a.-c. haircut time with whitney! my favorite gal
d. after a week away from casey we were both thrilled to be back to him. maxson gave him the best excited to see you face at the airport.
 photo May1620147_zps89dec717.jpg

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The Blackwelders said...

Love your hair cut Kimber. Looks like you guys are having fun, as always!