Tuesday, May 6, 2014

easter in arizona!

casey was sweet enough to let me fly down to arizona for a sweet little retreat on easter day!
max did great on the plane and we were so excited to see granny and papa and cousins!
we spent our easter sunday in my dad's young single adult ward that he's the bishop over. maxson was a riot all of church. those YSA were all so willing to give max there cell phones, so he pretty much loved everyone. (and then the next day at FHE all the YSA gave him all the jelly beans he wanted, ha).
i FaceTime my parents so much, he became pretty comfortable to them pretty fast. he did to everyone for the most part really, i think it's just his personality to not be scared of people (for instance, on the plane ride we took a couple walks up and down the aisle and he stopped at every aisle to get the attention of the aisle seat passenger to wave hello to them.)
 photo IMG_1360copy_zps3238b23a.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zps50fbcc13.jpg
annalee and phoebe, getting so dang old!
 photo IMG_1386_zpsb3231363.jpg
my brother kirk and SIL whitney just got a new puppy, scout, and max was obsessed with that dog. it is really hard to describe his excitement and happiness over this dog (he's actually sitting right next to me pointing at these pictures and yelping in excitement). it was the most perfect dog. a sweet little puppy that didn't run away from max every time max went over to her, she didn't bite, she licked him lots, didn't jump, she laid there a lot sleepy and he just went CRAZY on her. he loved that little puppy so much, so much. thanks so much kirk and whitney for getting this cute new puppy!
 photo May220141_zps3799efd3.jpg
 photo May22014_zps6aeecfae.jpg
easter dinner on the back porch.
 photo IMG_1389_zps58f6e492.jpg
the most delectable desserts made by miss whitney.
 photo IMG_1395_zps53721755.jpg
the children had no patience waiting inside to come out and find their easter eggs,
they were so excited!
 photo IMG_1398_zps31e4cb65.jpg
out they go!!!!!!!
 photo IMG_1400_zps41d45998.jpg
the aftermath of easter egg hunting tears.
 photo IMG_1402_zpsad832a4b.jpg
the best pictures of all the grandkids and grandparents, ha.
 photo IMG_1409_zps9b11a565.jpg
 photo IMG_1410_zps7fddd6f6.jpg
and the arizona family easter night!
 photo IMG_1411_zpsece373fa.jpg


Shane and Clara said...

Your mom is such a cute Granny. I love seeing pictures of your siblings and their kids and your parents through your blog. Love it! And your blue and white striped dress is adorable!

Nicole said...

I've looked at the pictures of Max and the puppy so many times, I am dying over how cute and funny they are!