Sunday, May 18, 2014

life in lincoln on the phone

a. poured out the wheat flour everywhere
b. oreo mess
c. entertainment in the car
d. poured cereal out everywhere
 photo May1620148_zpsaeabf5a9.jpg
a.-b. family home evening lesson on reverence (during prayers)
c. at the mall
d. decided to get out the tool bench on a desperate day
 photo May1620149_zps578f7451.jpg
a. chalk outside
b. whenever he sees a skateboard he's always trying to ride it
c.-d. at the lincoln zoo with friends. maxson loved the peacock most i believe, those things have the craziest yells
 photo May16201411_zps5419fa60.jpg

life is definitely getting happier again now that it's warm enough out in lincoln. we still have crappy rainy/cold days every once and awhile but overall i can see an end to winter/spring and pure summer making its way!

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