Wednesday, May 7, 2014

lions, tigers, and bears!

my parents took us to the phoenix zoo while there and we had a blast. i have to admit zoos really are fun, even for adults. to see those animals in person is so mesmerizing. god's creations are beautiful, are they not? maxson wasn't overly excited to see each animal but he did stare at them for a long time so i knew he was looking at them and aware of them. he did although love the non zoo animal birds in the trees, the planes passing overhead (because we were right by the airport), and the tractor doing construction right in front of the zoo. thanks mom and dad for taking us!!!
 photo IMG_1870_zps93374d38.jpg
my SIL joined us with a couple of kids.
 photo IMG_1862_zpsd65cd2fb.jpg
 photo IMG_1828_zpsb9697324.jpg
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max did really like the monkeys. he began doing the actions to the monkeys swinging in the tree song and pointing at them.
 photo IMG_1851_zpse3873551.jpg
 photo IMG_1854_zpsb34f149b.jpg
 photo IMG_1860_zpse0e6d328.jpg
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the heat totally wore max out and he took a 3 1/2 hour nap following the zoo. the back of my neck got a little sunburnt and we were a tiny on the warm side after our time there but it was so fun!