Friday, May 23, 2014

a little dirt never hurt

this morning we went outside to play.
we do that all day everyday it feels like.
(man oh man i wish there was a fence around our backyard area).
as soon as maxson stepped outside he found the mud.
mud is like a magnet to him.
he's drawn to it immediately and goes all in.
like i said a little dirt mud never hurt.
it builds their immune system right?
the dirtier they are at night the more fun they had during the day.
like the picture on my wall says, let them be little
these pictures don't do his muddiness justice, we took a bath asap once inside.
 photo IMG_1923_zps19dcfa0a.jpg
 photo IMG_1916copy_zpsbf6ff1ca.jpg
 photo IMG_1920_zpseb0c74c2.jpg
 photo IMG_1921copy_zpse855980d.jpg

while sitting on the steps watching maxson play i got to thinking about the overprotective world all around me. you wouldn't believe the amount of people who told me/maxson no to play with certain objects, playing on certain things, climbing places, etc. he's just a curious little boy, let him play, let him explore! i am very much a "if he gets hurt then he'll learn" mentality. and you know what, he hasn't gotten any serious repercussions thus far from that thinking. everything is new, why not let them try? trust me, i watch my boy like  hawk and while he climbs scary bars at the playground my heart is pounding with every step he takes. when he slips, he's learned to hold on tight and yell for help (he doesn't know it's help, he just yells to get my attention, ha). but kids learn. let them learn. let them explore. let them get dirty. let them be little.


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I like it. Hope I can be that way too.