Sunday, May 4, 2014

easter in nebraska

i keep getting told by people that i haven't blogged in awhile, it's true. i've been busy and preoccupied with other things. i've written a bunch of posts during this time but haven't gotten around to actually posting them, i probably will someday. but let's talk about easter! the saturday before easter the most wonderful family in our ward invited a bunch of other young families over for a big easter egg hunt in their backyard. let me tell you, it was a smashing success. you guys, there were over 500 eggs hidden, 500. it was insane. casey helped hide a bunch which was fun. there was 40 kids running everywhere for easter eggs was just hilariously cute. maxson was oober cute. it took about 5 eggs before he got the hang of what easter egg hunting is, ha. he kept concentrating on just opening the egg and trying to eat all the candy in it, too cute :)
 photo IMG_1299_zps00c10c98.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zpscc2b810a.jpg
 photo IMG_1304copy_zps09dd41c7.jpg
 photo IMG_1293_zpsaf0aa81d.jpg
 photo IMG_1309_zps7eadf921.jpg
 photo IMG_1320_zps79760f0d.jpg
 photo IMG_1338copy_zpsfa05b579.jpg
 photo IMG_1334_zpsc47e6997.jpg
 photo IMG_1327copy_zpsf8791b9d.jpg
 photo IMG_1340copy_zpsbb226eb2.jpg
 photo IMG_1343_zpsdd424949.jpg
 photo IMG_1348_zpsc1f98b89.jpg
after the egg hunting, maxson kept running away from us with his basket so he could eat all the candy without us limiting it, ha

these last pictures were of a bunch of the 1 year old kids in our group of friends, aren't they so cute?!?!?

later the day casey and i hid easter eggs on the little swing set in our backyard area for maxson. he loved it. there were cheerios inside each one which made him so happy. it truly is adorable to watch kids on easter egg hunts!

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Cody and Camille said...

The bunny ears! Can Maxson get any cuter!?! It all looks so fun!