Thursday, May 8, 2014

more arizona activities

the splash pad.
i was so excited to go to the splash pad with max. he on the other hand didn't really care for the splash pad sadly. in time my child, in time…
although the picture on the left is not in focus, i think it's just the cutest thing ever.
 photo IMG_1436copy_zpsd4e1d8fc.jpg
ma fell asleep on the way to the splash pad, once i got him out he refused to wake up until whitney came with her puppy scout, he jumped out of my arms like a hot potato and was suddenly happy and awake. oh the power of cute puppies!
(tristan and evolett in these pics)
 photo IMG_1444copy_zpsd70c71d0.jpg
 photo IMG_1446_zpse564a9c3.jpg
 photo IMG_1449_zps3d12da34.jpg
 photo IMG_1451_zpsfa686be9.jpg
 photo IMG_1456_zps48e3237c.jpg
 photo IMG_1463copy_zps0c932152.jpg

max loved playing on all the quads and motorcycles in the garage. whenever he got on them he started making his car sound.
 photo IMG_1427copy_zps4e0fbe78.jpg
 photo IMG_1425_zpsb03e27d1.jpg
and all the children think kirk's big rhino is the best playground ever.
 photo IMG_1876_zps4675c4ad.jpg
 photo IMG_1877_zpse715571e.jpg
cousin love. it really is precious how automatic friends they become, they were so sweet to max.
 photo IMG_1880_zps0ef691d9.jpg
 photo IMG_1883_zps531d0b16.jpg
 photo IMG_1430_zps337adf87.jpg
 photo IMG_1431_zps96cc19ea.jpg
celebrating phoebe's 4th birthday!!!!
 photo IMG_1432_zpsc6a57087.jpg
i love my mom's BYU wall!
(and these last few park pictures aren't from AZ but i'm including them just because)
 photo IMG_1882copy_zpsb1b64dd4.jpg
 photo IMG_1885_zps62633f8c.jpg
 photo IMG_1890_zps4a46fdf3.jpg

we had the best time in arizona.
i love the heat, i love it so much. max greatly enjoyed playing outside constantly too.
family makes everything better.
we also DID go swimming while there! it was cold but when you have a little boy who just keeps creeping deeper and deeper in the water (with me holding his hand) you just can't say no to the fun!!!!
i think those pictures are on my phone, i'll get them on here soon enough!


Cody and Camille said...

Ok I'm even more excited to be settling down in AZ!!! And Max look scrumptious in his swim gear!:)

summerk said...

Cuuuute blog, Kimber! So fun to see all of these super adorable kids! Miss you and all of your family! Clint gets to be with your parents right now... Sun fun for him. XOXO

summerk said...

SO fun for him... but sun fun works, too. ;)