Thursday, May 29, 2014

FAQ when having twins

how did you find out?
i went in to my doctor for my first appointment at 11 weeks. per usual, they do ultrasounds at every appointment no matter what, it's wonderful. so my doctor began the ultra sound starting with the black and white 2D one (the x-ray looking type). we saw the baby and i was just so happy to finally be meeting out baby! it was the first initial picture and it all makes it so real, it's a beautiful experience. she took some measurements, we listened to the heartbeat which was fabulous i was just so happy to see my baby in there with a beating heart. she then switched to the 4D ultrasound picture and we saw this:
 photo image_zps2a801429.jpeg
i thought it was just a glitch in the technology that somehow it slowed and duplicated the picture since the 2 look the same and are facing the same way. i saw her lean forward, pause for the slightest second, switch back to the 2D and she started doing some fishing round my abdomen moving from one ball area to another after a couple of times she said "i can't believe i missed that (then switching back to the 4D) you're having twins!"

what was your initial reaction?
there's no denying it when you're there in the room looking at the ultra sound and two babies moving around on the screen. tears were immediate. tears of amazement and excitement, what an amazing blessing! but i was SUPER surprised and shocked and then overwhelmed at the thought and then "how in the world could this have possibly happened?" went through my mind. just so surprised. then when the doctor left the room i just left my hands on my face (like the home alone face) thinking about it all. during the rest of the appointment it was just a lot of shock. once the appointment was over was when the tears really started to come down mostly just tears of "oh my gosh, how are we going to do this?" and then the nurses walked in to get me to bring me to the nurses room to talk over regular pregnancy things, it was real hard to stop those tears because i thought i was going to have a little time to just let it all go, ha.

what was casey's initial reaction?
disbelief. i came home and just showed him the picture right away. he did not believe me "no. where did you get this? who's picture is this? this isn't yours right? no way. no way." and then that just continued for a few minutes until he came to accept it! he was just as stunned and surprised as i was.

what was your parents' reactions?
kinda the same as casey's. everyone super close to us didn't believe us at first when they saw the picture but then they kinda just have to. it's just something you totally wouldn't anticipate and not on your radar at all.

how did you tell your family?
we tried facetiming as many people as we could, firstly our family members. we told them oh hey, we went to the doctor today and wanted to show you a picture, that's when they pretended they were interested and said ok (an 11 week ultrasound is usually pretty ho-hum), once they were able to get a clear view of the picture most everyone gasped with a "is that twins/are there 2 babies/oh my gosh two/twins??" we loved everyone's reactions so much. that's been once of the best things these past few weeks: telling family and close friends the news in person, it's SOOO fun to see/get to hear their reactions!

do twins run in your family?

were you on fertility drugs/IVF?
nope (you wouldn't believe how many not close people ask me this question for how much of a very personal question this is)

are you planning on breastfeeding them both?
crossing my fingers yes! i know it's going to take ALL my time it will feel like but you gotta have goals. if i need to supplement with formula here and there it will be just fine

are you going to move homes?
i don't know. i hope not, but then again 5 people in our little place???? ooy. the first 6 months won't be bad since they're so small and not mobile, it'll be that last year of dental school that could potentially break us, ha. but it might be worth it us to cram in that small place for a year because of the support system of friends on the street and the ease of being able to just walk out your front yard to hang out with friends instead of needing to pack 3 kids up in the car to go hang out with friends. i'm hoping we can make it work! (and then we'll super duper appreciate a bigger house when we get out of dental school)

are you scared?
not really. that first day of finding out i was super overwhelmed and a tad bit scared, but you just get used to the idea and you come to accept it! so nope, just more excited and maybe a tiny apprehensive about making it all work. having twins has completely become our new normal

do you have to get a c-section?
i don't have to. if the twins are in good positions to deliver vaginally then we're going to go for it. the thought of twins, breastfeeding, a BUSY 2 year old, and stairs all around and a c-section does slightly scare me.


Blair said...

Yay, I love this post and all of your pregnancy posts! I'm still blown away by you having twins!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I'm pretty sure I asked all the same questions haha maybe even the personal one! It's just so fascinating and people want to know what the chances are it could happen to them! I cannot wait to read about your entire twin journey.