Friday, May 30, 2014

pregnancy thus far

oh boy has this pregnancy been different! we are so very ecstatic to be adding a little one to our family this year! here's a little sum up of the past few weeks:

4 weeks: we find out we're pregnant! i get up with (crying) maxson at the wee hours of 6:45 am, take a pregnant test and am just giddy with excitement. i'm so beyond happy with the results that i hug and squeeze, and kiss maxson all over and he becomes happy. casey is due to wake up at 7:15 so at 7:14 i go put my face close to his in bed and whisper "i'm pregnant" with a big smile on my face. he starts shaking his head no while a smile creeps onto his face while his eyes stay closed (amidst us is maxson crying, because i closed the bathroom door, ha). come to find out he was going to go to class an hour later that day, meaning he was finally going to get to sleep in, but my news would mean he'd be too excited to keep sleeping, thus that head shaking, ha. he too was thrilled. we were both very surprised it happened that month but it was very welcome nonetheless.

in a random family text my mom says to everyone "did you know byu is getting a new president?" casey  then follows with a "did you know we are getting a new baby?" our family was very happy and surprised.

5 weeks: feeling great, hung out in indiana with casey's siblings where we told them our news, they are such great exciting news receivers making you feel like a million bucks

6 weeks: BOOM. morning sickness. ugh. i wasn't sick one lick with maxson so i wasn't expecting this AT ALL. granted i know what i feel wasn't bad at all in comparison to what others feel. it truly was minor, the first hour or so after i woke up, and the last hour or so before i went to bed. i spent this week trying to figure out common causes and helpings. also my lack of blogging at the end of march was due to this plus the fact that during nap times i was sleeping the whole 2 hours too. i needed that nap.

7 weeks: hit and miss. i definitely understood the important of getting a lot of good sleep at night, that helped. i still randomly would feel yucky during different times of the day.

8 weeks: saltine crumbs cover our floor and couch nearly everyday. i eat those a lot, they help, a little, a little is better than none. definitely keeping up on eating food all day long helps but it's this viscous cycle of not feeling well, not wanting to eat, not having enough motivation to get up and make something nutritiously filling, therefor i just get a small snack like yogurt or a cheese stick, and since i didn't eat a lot, the yucky feeling comes back sooner, etc. it's this never ending cycle. the house is nearly always a wreck. it's so hard to find motivation to keep up on it with maxson, he's so busy!!!! but actually staying busy helps a lot, it takes my mind off the yucky feeling, so…

9 weeks: not so bad actually, i've felt a lot less yucky overall, just a few times in the evenings now. woohoo! it probably has helped that i've been quite busy with easter, get togethers, and being in arizona with my family. i get twinges of pain in my lower sides of my abdomen if i move in a wrong directions. i remember them from my last pregnancy too, not sure what they're from.

10 weeks: felt super awesome! i wonder if it was because i was in arizona most of it. nonetheless, i finally felt better. still not much energy to make food and want to eat all food but no sitting around. i already pee 1-2 times a night. bladder control is not my strong suit, ha.

11 weeks: TWINS!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!! holy moly biggest shock of my entire life. i think finding out you're having twins is akin to finding out you're pregnant when you had NO plans of getting pregnant. you're not ready for it, there's so many more changes to life than the plan you had scripted out, it's just WILD! it constantly consumes my mind, i'm already losing sleep over it because i wake up in the middle of the night to pee and then that's all i can think about and can't go back to sleep! i toss and turn the rest of the night. oh man these babIES! also this week was when i had my first doctor's appointment and man we found out NEWS! the end of the week included lots of nights of not feeling so great :( evening sickness…

12 weeks: so so all week. we were in wyoming and my saintly mother in law cooked all the food for me and didn't make me lift a single finger when it came to dishes. my belly has popped out a little compared to last week. if i'm thoroughly distracted in the evenings my stomach never bothers me but that's not always the case, we shall see…

13 weeks: it's like a flip switched! i'm suddenly not tired and don't always need naps and my stomach uneasiness has disappeared, it's a miracle! anything and everything sounds just fine to eat. i don't have to constantly be eating to stop myself from feeling yucky, it's just WONDERFUL! goodbye first trimester, hello honeymoon second trimester!

14 weeks: during the first trimester food was hard. nothing sounded good usually (except chicken noodle soup) but i knew i had to eat something. the LAST thing i was willing to eat was mexican food. guess what was the first thing i made when i got home after our trips? tacos. ha. also hunks of meat sounded awful. again, that first week back i made us steaks. my belly has already begun sticking out quite a bit. not only do i have a disadvantage of not showing for awhile because this is my second pregnancy, but add on to that being a twin pregnancy and i'm goners. i'm appreciating all the comfortable nights of sleeping as much as i can right now, i know it won't be lasting very long!

14 weeks
the size of lemons
 photo IMG_1935copy_zps9d6dea98.jpg
 photo IMG_1944copy_zps61ab9e12.jpg

i just reached 15 weeks, so I'll post about that soon.
i can only imagine how large i will be getting with these babies, seriously i will be GINORMO


Cody and Camille said...

You look so stinkin' cute! Love reading all the details about those little babies. Seriously... TWINS!!!

Jared + Carly Reid said...

this is so fun to read kimber. you are the best describing things and documenting so many details! in my opinion, you are TOTALLY going to be able to do twins!

Blair said...

Lemons! I love it! How clever to have those in the picture. It totally helps with picturing how they are inside. And I think the weekly updates are such a great idea for remembering your pregnancy long after it's over. i wish I would have done that.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Yes yes yes yes yes you look so cute and i'm not just saying that. Is that what they call the pregnancy glow? is it twice as radiant with twins? I think so...