Thursday, April 24, 2014

to be home

this week i am in arizona and so happy. i have 3 homes in fact, one in lincoln, one in provo, and one in arizona. so yes, i am home and i am happy. my parents have actually moved a couple times since i went off to college but every house they move to seems like home still, it's the same stuff, but more importantly the same people that make it oh so wonderful. i am so very blessed to have such incredible parents. they love me endlessly despite my shortcomings. they are so supportive of all my decisions. they amok life fun. i am so very lucky to have them for my mom and dad.

maxson is loving all the attention too. they dote on him showing him new and exciting things constantly. they help calm his tears and make him as comfortable as possible. they are dreamy grandparents.

despite the awful nasty cold maxson brought with him and has shared with a couple of us, we are having a most wonderful time. each day has brought a different adventure of activities. the most important being the warmth of the sun. i admit, i've complained just a little during the days of saying "oh my goodness, it's so hot, how do you guys live here?" and it was only 95 out. in my defense i've been living in 0-30 temperatures all winter, my blood is not used to this. but beyond the middle of the day hotness, oh boy does the temperature in the mornings and evenings make up for it. just sitting on the porch all evening and morning in such comfortable weather is a dream. my parents do have a long covered porch which makes it even nicer, but still, the weather is just great.

a plentiful supply of cousins isn't so bad either. these sweet kids make max feel like an even bigger deal when he comes to town which makes my heart swell. before we had max and we came to visit the kids would run in yelling "casey and kimber!!!!!" now it's "kimber! where's max?" they go up to him and give him big hugs, and kisses, take him by the hand to show him all the fun toys he's never seen before. oh it is just so wonderful to be surrounded by instant friends and loved ones. max loves when they're around, he just follows them wherever they go.

it's a different lifestyle of having family around. with friends in lincoln, we see them all the time, and if we don't see them all the time we know we will soon enough, so we just say a casual goodbye. but with family around you feel compelled to give hugs and kisses when you say goodbye, even if you'll be seeing them later that night or tomorrow. it's definitely something maxson is not used to, not used to as in when we say give x a hug or kiss he just doesn't really know what to do. he's actually pretty good with hugs when it comes to adults, but just stands there with kids, ha. it's adorable watching him learn.

i must end here. my mom has a big balloon job i'll be helping her at. pictures later my friends.


AN Petersen said...

Your family is the bomb, just so you know. And your mom is amazing,simple as that. :)

Cherri said...

We love love love having the Cutlers come to visit!