Friday, January 31, 2014

the cold: awesome and awful

10 things that make living in the cold awesome.
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  1. sometimes you get to wake up to this surprise wonderland of white out your window from a whole night of snowing. it is the most magical feeling.
  2. layering clothes can be super cute. sweaters on babies at church. scarves on sweaters. wool socks coming out the tops of boots.
  3. when your breath makes that white "smoke" when it's cold outside, it entertains your children.
  4. you can stay inside all day cozied up in your pajamas under blankets and in slippers and no one looks at you like you're lazy
  5. electric blankets help make your bed ultra hot so when you finally jump into bed it's like getting into a bed that just came fresh out of the drier, and continues to stay warm!
  6. along that note, when cuddling with your spouse the excuse never comes up that "you're too hot" so cuddle on my friends!
  7. cold winters mean you get to experience the maximum beauty of spring and fall
  8. when it does snow you can go sledding, build snowmen, throw snowballs, walk around in the magical whiteness etc. playing around in that original snowfall is just so fun
  9. there's a chance of getting snow days which means free day off school!
  10. hot chocolate and hot showers truly do their job of warming up your body and you appreciate it so much more.
10 things that make living in the cold awful.
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  1. playing outside lasts 2 minutes and then your nose is numb and it's only kind of fun
  2. playing outside for 2 minutes involves 20 minutes of getting ready to do so
  3. when you run out to your car to grab something or next door to your neighbor's house (who you literally share a wall with) with no shoes on or a coat because it really doesn't take that long, your feet have begun forming frostbite and and your body is cold to the bone.
  4. sometimes it feels like theres no where to play except in your house for the umpteenth day in a row
  5. life is more expensive in the winter, i.e.: the price of winter clothes and the quantity of layers your must wear, washing more clothes because of all the layers, a higher electricity/gas bill, etc…
  6. when you bring milk in from the car your hands have turned to blocks of ice
  7. car seat straps are much harder to put on children that are marshmallowed up with huge coats
  8. after a few days that pretty white snow turns into yucky black/brown snow on the roads
  9. driving is more stressful because there's always the potential for ice on the ground
  10. being trapped inside for 6 months, did i already mention this?


Danielle said...

He is soooo precious.

Cherri said...

yep.... do you need the 10 thing that make living in the Sun wonderful..... oh wait I think you know those... :)