Friday, January 10, 2014

a sleeping babe

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the main thing i will remember about our time spent in wyoming the past week and a half is 
he literally slept our whole stay like a hibernating bear.
12 1/2 hour nights was the usual number.
sometimes 13 but at the least 12.
naps ranged from 2-3 hours ALWAYS.
i don't know what magic wyoming brought but everyday i was ever so grateful for this new sleep phase.

it could be due to the temperature.
or the altitude.
his eating habits definitely changed while here.
he used to eat tons of whatever was put in front of him, rarely ever picky.
then suddenly, he decided he didn't want to eat very much of a few certain things.
i'm really not sure why that changed.

a day or two before christmas we kind of fizzled out of nursing. he was fine with it. i was fine with it. my body was fine with it. it was really quite the easiest weaning ever. he immediately/easily took to cow's milk. once he turned 1 i began giving him cow's milk when he woke up from naps during the day. then slowly some mornings it seemed like he needed more of something after  i nursed him. then while in arizona there was a night i just didn't feel like nursing him, so we gave him milk and he was fine. then another day i just didn't feel like nursing him in the morning either, and from there, we just stopped. i so very enjoyed nursing him for a year, it was a beautiful end to a rocky start of nursing. we were great partners. i'll miss those sweet little moments of having him all to myself, and i will most definitely miss cuddling with him. but he is happy and so am i. did stopping nurse help him sleep better? maybe? it's definitely a possibility. i'm completely happy with our journey though.

this sleeping like a rock phase will most likely change at some point but for now i'm incredibly grateful of the endless hours of sleep casey and i are getting


Cody and Camille said...

Wow!!!! Go Max! Our kids usually do worse when out of town:( enjoy!!

Melissa Phillips said...

Gah, nursing! Ellie seems to want it more but then she doesn't do anything when I give it to her. 1 or 2 sucks. I think she is just thirsty. But besides that. She turns her nose up to cows milk and rice milk. She'll drink both out of our cups but if I give it to her in her cup she isn't that interested. We'll see how the next few weeks go.

About your boot story. I'd TOTALLY be distraught too. That "almost had a deal" stuff haunts me sometimes. I'm all about a good deal and to only be missing one show. WTH!

Cherri said...

you did great to nurse that long.... MUCH better than me.