Monday, January 27, 2014


today i determined that life with a 1 year old is all about distraction.
life as follows:
  1. here maxson, play with this toy while i change your diaper to distract you rolling around everywhere.
  2. here maxson, here's some food to distract you from being so loud in church
  3. here maxson, here's some sunglasses to distract you from how much you don't like being buckled into the car seat
  4. here maxson, play with these pots and pans so you don't yell at me while i cook dinner/wash dishes
  5. here maxson, run in this hallway at church instead of getting into that stranger's purse
  6. here maxson, look at this cool, obsolete iPod so i can take my iPhone away from you
  7. here maxson, let's pretend we can't find your toes to distract you from not wanting to put your pants on
  8. here maxson, play with this train set instead of thrashing my computer
  9. here maxson, hug this stuffed animal as i put you to bed to make you feel secure that i'm leaving you in your crib to go to sleep by yourself.
and the list goes on…
 photo IMG_8831_zps4eb6df03.jpg

even with all these silly distractions, i would prefer to have them in my life than not, because with them, that means i have maxson, and life would not be the same without him

our weekend was great, how about yours?


Cherri said...

Here chew on this gum cuz it's not lunch yet and I am trying not to eat in between meals......even adults.

Suzanne and Nate said...

Love the picture! He is such a cutie!

Cody and Camille said...