Friday, January 31, 2014

taking a bath

 photo IMG_8811copy_zpse5f8abb8.jpg
 photo IMG_8813_zps7067eeb6.jpg
 photo IMG_8822_zps0700766e.jpg
 photo IMG_8821_zpse84bc3d4.jpg
 photo IMG_8814_zpscb70d93b.jpg
anytime i happen to open the bathroom door, maxson b-lines it in there with me.
first thing he does: throws one leg up and over the tub wall to get in.
he loves baths these days.
the end.


AN Petersen said...

That second to last picture with his huge smile, has Kimberly written all over it. He is so your child. : )

Andy Ballstaedt said...

You capture such sweet tender moments Kimber. I love how you appreciate the small things. You are so domestic too! All these recipes, baby knowledge, party-hosting. I'm so impressed.